What Do I Know About Milestones

Okay, this deserves its own blog post, but somewhere along the way, Marvel really started impressing me with some of their series.  That and the fact that I’m running a Marvel Heroic Event on alternate Thursdays got me to thinking about Milestones based on some of the comics I’m reading right now.

I’m not thrilled with how all of these turned out, so feel free to mention your tweaks and suggestions to these milestones.  Still, it was kind of fun to try and distill the essence of where a character is going in their series  (and making some wild guesses and extrapolations, when it comes to series like Hawkeye or Gambit).

And Now . . .
The first several of these come straight from my obsession with Spider-Man, and especially Dan Slott’s current run on Amazing Spider-Man.  Speaking of Slott’s Spidey . . .


No One Dies

1 XP When you admonish an ally that states that someone would be better off dead, or rebuke a villain that threatens a life.

3 XP When you spend your action in a scene to perform a recovery action for someone that has taken physical stress or trauma.

10 XP When you defeat a major threat that could have taken many innocent lives without any casualties, or when you allow an ally to sacrifice themselves to defeat that threat.

Hero On The Horizon

1 XP The first time you point out that a given villain has technology that might be helpful if put to less nefarious use.

3 XP When you use your Tech Expert Specialty to create a resource based on the technology of one of your enemies.

10 XP When you see an enemy utilize technology based on your designs to cause widespread danger or a threat to innocent lives, and you decide to swear off of inventing gadgets for fear of their misapplication.

Sharing a Toothbrush

1 XP Each time an unforeseen event happens in a scene that might delay time you intend to spend with your love interest, and you mention that complication to your allies.

3 XP Whenever you activate a Watcher’s opportunity to create a resource expressly to help you explain your absence to your love interest, or to help you smooth over an argument you may have had with them.

10 XP When you choose to explain your heroic lifestyle and secret identity to your loved one, or when circumstances related to your secret identity cause you to end your relationship with your loved one.

The next one is based on some of the story arcs in Avenging Spider-Man, especially the team-ups with Red Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Captain Marvel.

Avenging Allies

1 XP When you share a personal detail about your life or outlook with an ally that did not know that detail previously, or when they share a similar detail with you.

3 XP When you create an asset for an ally who is an Avenger and is using the Buddy Affiliation, or when you successfully use an asset created by a fellow Avenger who is using the Buddy Affiliation.

10 XP When you defeat a major threat that your ally would have been better suited to defeat, or you convince your ally that they were integral in defeating a major threat that you took down.

And this next one is kind of a hybrid of situations that have come up in Spider-Men and Avengers versus X-Men with Miles and Hope.

I’m A Role-Model?

1 XP When you encourage a younger hero about their place in the world.

3 XP When you accept an asset from a younger ally, or when you create an asset to give to a younger ally.

10 XP When you take trauma showing a young hero that you can accomplish a major task that appears to be beyond you.

The next one is kind of a treatment on the current “I’m

a super-hero, not a grim brooding violent vigilante” Daredevil by Mark Waid.

Accentuate the Positive 

1 XP When you tell someone that you have known for a long time that you aren’t going to dwell on the negative elements of your past.

3 XP When your allies and friends have reason to believe that you are giving in to your dark side, or that you might be about to suffer a mental breakdown.

10 XP When you defeat a villain that has caused you great pain in your past without sinking into madness or indulging in your darker urges, or you give up on your positive attitude and embrace violent revenge and brooding dark urges.

The next set of  Milestones is based on Tony Stark’s tendency to kind of freak out a little and stop just short of saying “game over, man, game over,” in both Avengers versus X-Men and Avengers Assemble when faced with the Phoenix Force and Thanos, respectively.  

I Don’t Often Doubt Myself, But When I Do . . .

1 XP Whenever you express doubt that you and your allies are prepared to face a threat that is facing them.

3 XP When you create an asset for an ally, and their action fails, or when you create a resource and a dice pool that includes that resource fails.

10 XP When you create an asset or resource that is used to defeat a threat that has previously defeated you or your allies, or when you and your allies are defeated and you lock yourself in your lab obsessing over what went wrong with your plans.


The next is based on Captain America’s team up book, which is really starting to grow on me after the Iron Man arc . . .

Captain America and . . .

1 XP When you offer an ally philosophical advice or a moral rebuke while using the Buddy Affiliation.

3 XP When you create an asset for an ally while using the Buddy Affiliation, or when you successfully use an asset granted to you using the Buddy Affiliation.

10 XP When you and your ally defeat a major threat while using the Buddy Affiliation, and you either reaffirm that you make a good team, or you vow never to work together again.

The next few are based on some limited information, i.e. new series that only have a #1 so far, but pretty impressive #1s, to be sure. 

 First up I’ll throw one out that is technically for Ms. Marvel to transition to her new mantle.




Reconciling the Past

1 XP When you mention a lesson you learned from your military past.

3 XP The first time in a scene that an ally points out your long history of important super-heroics.

10 XP When you take on a new, already established mantle, and reveal it to the world.

The next one up is Hawkeye’s, based on all one issue of his new series.

If I’m Not With The Avengers Or At the Barbeque, I Don’t Eat

1 XP The first time you successfully complete an action without using your Bow and Trick Arrow Powerset in a scene.

3 XP When you use a resource from your Avengers background to help someone or something in your neighborhood.

10 XP When you leave the Avengers to become a defender of the common folk, or when you move out of your neighborhood to focus on your career as an Avenger.

And finally Gambit’s, from his brand new #1 issue, though it really could apply to a few points in his career.

Once a Thief

1 XP The first time in a scene when you review your surroundings for potential targets for larceny.

3 XP When you activate a Watcher opportunity to create a resource or asset that will aid you in stealing an item.

10 XP When you decide to either get back in “the game,” or when you give up your extra-curricular activities to focus more on your team and those that count on you.


  • those are in some cases, hilarious.


  • They mostly look pretty good to me, although a bunch of them deal with arcs I haven't read.It does seem a bit odd that the \”No One Dies\” Milestone starts by encouraging using violence against villains instead of just being about saving people.The Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel Milestone looks great though. It encapsulates that \”mini-arc\” pretty damn well.


  • I tried taking most of the titles straight from the comics that inspired them. I was going to name the Daredevil one something a bit more ironic, but I didn't want to give away a development from the latest issue.


  • Yeah, I'm still wanting to fine tune a few of them. No One Dies was tricky for the opener 1 XP milestone, and I just modified it to something else that came to me.I had to think about some of the conversations in that arc, and I think I came up with a better 1 XP milestone based on that review.


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