What Do I Know About Milestones? More Mighty Marvel Milestone Madness

Yeah, I read more comics this week.  And with great comics come great milestones.  Or something like that.

This first one is inspired by Web of Spider-Man #129.1

You’re Gonna Get Sued By The Real Avengers

  • 1 XP  When you reluctantly admit you were a member of a pitifully bad super hero team in your past.
  • 3 XP  When you share a Team or Buddy affiliation with someone from that old team, and they take stress or trauma, reminding you how badly you worked together.
  • 10 XP  When you convince your old team members never to use their powers to fight crime again, or when you take charge of the old team and decide to make it into something noteworthy.

. . . and this one was inspired by Captain America  (and Namor) #635.1

Sometimes A Little Human Gumption Is All It Takes

  • 1 XP  When you do something dangerous and call attention to it in order to hearten non-super powered allies.
  • 3 XP  When you take stress or trauma in a scene from an opponent that clearly overpowers you and is using a d12 in their action against you.
  • 10 XP  When you are the one that takes down a major threat to the entire world instead of your more powerful allies.

. . . and this one was inspired by that same issue, from Namor’s side of the fence:

There’s A Thin Line Separating Ally From Enemy

  • 1 XP  When you mention that you are only helping out your current allies because of your own self-interests or the interests of Atlantis
  • 3 XP  When you do something to cause your affiliation to shift to Solo, and your ally receives stress or trauma, all because you were pursuing your own agenda.
  • 10 XP  When you either apologize for your actions and name your current allies as good friends and worthy allies, or you grow weary of their concerns and you leave their company, explaining to them how inferior they are.

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