What Do I Know About Milestones? Milestones IV

Yesterday was the Wednesday from Hell.  I’d give you details, but then you’d have to kill me.  Suffice to say, I have now warmly snuggled up with my tablet full of new comics, and I’ve got some more Milestone ideas for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.

First up, inspired by Hawkeye #2 and Clint’s new partnership with Kate Bishop.

I Look At You and I Think You’re a Lot Like Me

  • 1 XP  When you mention during an action scene that there are goals you wish to accomplish that are beyond the scope of what you are currently doing.
  • 3 XP  When you recruit someone from outside your normal teammates to engage in a mission that your normal teammates aren’t going to help you with.
  • 10 XP  When you successfully complete a major mission with your partner and decide to make your team up a regular occurrence, or when a mission goes south and you decide that your partnership was a mistake that shouldn’t be repeated.

This next set of Milestones is inspired by everybody’s favorite Horizon Labs Poochy . . . er . . . spokesperson Alpha, in Amazing Spider-Man #693.

Alpha Male

  • 1 XP  When you enter Solo affiliation against the advice of other heroes in the scene.
  • 3 XP  When your reckless actions still prove successful, and you tell other heroes in the scene with you that you are clearly superior to them.
  • 10 XP  When you learn a lesson in humility at great personal cost to you, or when you manage to succeed yet again despite your reckless abandon, and you sever all ties to the heroes you once worked with.
And finally, we take a little journey to Flash Thompson’s neck of the woods and pull a set of Milestones from the depths of Venom’s soul.

It’s Rooted Inside . . . Like an Abscessed Tooth

  • 1 XP  When a villain tells you that you have a darkness in your soul, and you deny it.
  • 3 XP  When a villain causes you physical stress, and you convert it to emotional stress, because you are starting to believe that you do have a darkness in your soul.
  • 10 XP  When you defeat a powerful villain that has just offered you great power in order to join him, or when you abandon your heroic allies in order to join the forces of evil, and you embrace the darkness in your soul.

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