What Do I Know About Milestones? Milestones VIII

Hey, I’m a bit late, but that seems to be the case whenever I have my Marvel game on Thursday.  I certainly don’t regret that one bit.  However, without further delay, let’s dive into the comics that I happened to peruse this week through the wonderful lens of Milestones . . .

We’ll start with Amazing Spider-Man #694, continuing Pete’s issues with his sidekick/albatross Alpha. This set of milestones should work fairly well with any reckless and inexperienced hero that pairs up with a more experienced hero.

Can’t Stand This Kid
  • 1 XP When you express concern that you less experienced ally might be more of a danger than an asset to the hero community.
  • 3 XP When you use your action to restrain your less experienced ally, or when you use your action to fix the damage that your ally has caused.
  • 10 XP When you decide that you less experienced ally needs to retire from the hero game, and you find some means of leveraging that retirement, or when your words finally sink into you less experienced ally and they become a skilled and careful new hero.
Our next set of Milestones are inspired by the unfolding story in Captain Marvel #4.  It should work out for an acknowledged powerhouse type character that is paired with a more skill based partner, or a character that is the only high powered character in a skill heavy group.
Doesn’t Matter Who Thought of it . . . It Worked
  • 1 XP When you perform a support action for a less powerful ally.
  • 3 XP When your less powerful ally successfully performs an action with a resource you provided for them.
  • 10 XP When your ally comes up with a dangerous plan to defeat a serious threat that they plan to complete, and you perform that dangerous action before they can do so to save them from potential serious harm.
For the next stop on our tour, we’ll visit Captain America and Black Widow #637, and find Cap a bit confused by who this Black Widow he ran into at the end of the last issue really is.  This set of Milestones should work for a storyline that has a plot or subplot that deals with “mirror universes,” shapeshifters, or mind control.
If You Wanted a Face to Face it Might Have Been Less Painful to Look in a Mirror
  • 1 XP When you express concerns that an ally of yours is acting in a manner that is strange.
  • 3 XP When you feel compelled to act against an ally because they are acting severely out of character.
  • 10 XP When you find out that your ally is an impostor, and you subvert their plans, or when you find out that your ally is under the influence of a third party and you free them of that influence.
Gambit’s adventures in Gambit #3 are our inspiration for this next set of milestones.  This set of milestones should be something a player works with the Watcher to set up.  A persistent complication, as noted in the milestone, is something that doesn’t automatically go away or even step down in a transition scene, it can only be acted against to step it down.
This works very well with devices that won’t come off, curses, diseases, possessions . . . all sorts of pleasant potentially long term issues that aren’t just an injury.
No, it’s not directly related to the Milestones, but doesn’t this picture just scream Gambit?

But All I Really Walked Away With Was . . . Complications
  • 1 XP When you perform a reckless action and you receive a complication because of that action, and the Watcher makes that Complication persistent by spending a die from the Doom Pool.
  • 3 XP The first time in a scene when the complication that you received is stepped up.
  • 10 XP When you go to great lengths to remove a complication that your received due to your reckless behavior, and you end up in a more dangerous situation when you attempt to remove that Complication.
And we’ll wind up our tour with some Milestones inspired by the action in Secret Avengers #31.  This set of Milestones should work for any ongoing conspiracy that has been running through the event.
Cthulhu Type Nullification Demons at an Airport
  • 1 XP When you come across a situation that makes you believe that a greater conspiracy might be at work.
  • 3 XP When you spend a plot point during a transition scene to help you investigate the conspiracy that you have stumbled across.
  • 10 XP When you finally confront the masters of the conspiracy that you have been tracking down, and their plans stand revealed, and you either defeat those masterminds or turn against all you have known up to this point to join them.

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