What Do I Know About Milestones? Milestones X

On a whim, I picked up Avengers Academy #38.  It looked like fun, especially in the wake of the very serious tone of the AvX wrap up.  As usual, I wouldn’t be doing my job as a guy that reads comics and runs a MHRP game if I didn’t think of some milestones inspired by the issue.

This one is inspired by Jocasta’s self appointed role as a moderator and peace keeper at the Avengers Academy, and can be used for anybody in a similar role.

Charging Taser

  • 1 XP  When you warn team members or allies that are fighting one another how counter productive their disagreement is.
  • 3 XP  When you take an action specifically to stop a fight or argument between team members or allies.
  • 10 XP  When your actions cause long standing arguments between your team members or allies to finally abate, and everyone moves forward to work together productively, or when you have had enough of trying to get your allies or team mates to work together, and you move on for your own sanity.

And since we’re taking the time to post this on a Sunday afternoon, and the issue was fun, why not one more milestone, this time focusing on pushing a rivalry with another hero on purpose, such as might have been done by “professor” Logan in this issue.

Now We’re Even

  • 1 XP  When you call out another hero that you currently have a Team or Buddy affiliation with.
  • 3 XP  When you take an action to make your chosen hero’s life more difficult.
  • 10 XP  When you resolve your rivalry with another hero, either by stressing them out or complicating them out of a scene, and declaring victory, or when you take time during a transition scene to explain your rivalry and you mutually declare your rivalry over.

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