What Do I Know About First Impressions? The Godling and The Death Knight (Pathfinder 3rd Party)

I’ve made no secret that I’m not really that much in love with RPGs that assume a tactical map these days.  I just think that it eats up so much game time to put out the map, and to agonize over the movements, etc.  Despite that, lot’s of people don’t have a problem with said games, including lots of my friends, hence, if I want to play with my friends, guess what I’m playing?

I’ve mentioned them before, several times, but once again, when making a new character, Super Genius Games really comes through with the character options for Pathfinder.

Super Genius Games Guide to the Godling at RPG Now

The Pathfinder game that I am in is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Golarion, where demons and undead have ravaged much of the continent.  Our characters are all godlings, brought forth by their divine parent in order to create champions to retake the world from the demons and undead.

My previous character, Mario, a Mighty Godling (who may have sounded just a wee bit like Randy Savage) that had been the child of Kurgess  (god of strength and competition), was eaten quite a bit by the undead.

Now that I have my schedule in order to rejoin the game after the sad loss of Mario, I have made up Vandal, a dhampir child of . . . Pharasma . . . yeah.  Pharasma.  We’ll go with that.  Anyway, looking at the campaign and what I wanted to do with Vandal, I really wanted to look at Super Genius Games’ Death Knight class.

I have to say, I normally hate making up characters at levels further and further from 1st level, and Vandal is starting at 8th level.  But taking a level of Mighty Godling and Death Knight . . . wow.  I don’t mean “wow” as “I tweaked the Hell out of his stats and he can do awesome DPS” or something like that.  I mean “wow,” this class has so many options that all strongly tie to the theme of the class, and just make sense.

Super Genius Games Guide to the Death Knight at RPG Now

Even some of the best classes out there in the game seem to have a few abilities that are just kind of “meh,” not bad, but either they don’t thrill me thematically, or they just feel like they take too much to make them matter in the game.

I had fun choosing my options, and I’m really excited to play this guy.  I hope he plays as well as he looks, but I’m excited to find out.

Nice work Geniuses.  Every time I’m thinking I’m not that excited to play Pathfinder, I can find some cool toys in your toy box.


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