What Do I Know About Milestones? Milestones XII

Its that time again  (it’s actually well past that time) when we look at the Marvel Universe as seen through the comics that came out this past Wednesday, and then mercilessly strip mine them for ideas for milestones.

Our first stop on our tour of the Marvel Universe on Wednesday is a trip to outer space and a look at Avengers Assemble #8, with a set of milestones inspired by Thor’s valiant actions to help his friends figure out what to try next against Thanos.

This is Not Up For Debate

  • 1 XP  When you order an ally out of harm’s way.
  • 3 XP  When your allies leave you using your Solo affiliation against a major foe or threat.
  • 10 XP  When you survive a major encounter while using your Solo affiliation, and you reunite with your allies, made safe by your actions, or when you bravely suffer defeat or death at the hands of your opponent, but bought your allies time to formulate a plan and fortify their defenses.

The next set of milestones is inspired by the events of Avengers versus X-Men:  Consequences #2, and the confrontation between Cyclops and Wolverine.

I Die Now, and I’m a Martyr

  • 1 XP  When you first explain to your allies that you may need to make an unpopular decision for the greater good.
  • 3 XP  When an ally tells you that your actions are too extreme, or when an ally leaves your team to oppose you.
  • 10 XP  When you achieve a goal through unpopular actions and you can only make your cause stronger by becoming a martyr, and you allow yourself to be killed when you take trauma, or when you decide that your actions (if not your goal) was wrong, and you apologize and begin to take actions to atone for what you have done to anyone affected by your plans.

Jumping through the Darkforce Dimension, we cross over into Daredevil’s territories, with milestones inspired by Daredevil #19.

I’m A New Man

  • 1 XP  When you dismiss the abilities of a super villain that you are fighting as you take an action that defeats them.
  • 3 XP  When you encounter that super villain again later, and you mention his previous defeat at your hands.
  • 10 XP  When you face that villain again, and you either admit that he has become far more dangerous when you have taken trauma or have been complicated out of a scene by the villain, or when you finally dismiss them as being waste of time when they fail to defeat you for a third and final match up, and you cause their defeat yet again.

Now, let’s pop over to Captain Marvel #5 for our next milestones:

Option Two

  • 1 XP  When a friend charges into trouble, and you decide to follow them in order to keep them from getting into even more trouble.
  • 3 XP  When you take stress or suffer a complication while trying to keep the friend you followed into danger from suffering harm.
  • 10 XP  When you either decide to leave your troublesome friend to their own fate, or you finally resolve the danger that threatens them and you deliver them to safety.

Now we will take a detour back to Hawkeye for milestones inspired by Hawkeye #3 and Clint Barton’s really bad decision making abilities.

Today I Have Had Exactly Nine Terrible Ideas

  • 1 XP  When you state a mission that you will accomplish, and you explain how a past decision led to a failed action that you attempted in the course of completing that mission.
  • 3 XP  When an opponent that is attempting to stop you from completing your stated mission uses stress or complications in an action against you, and you explain how your bad decisions directly led to this point in time.
  • 10 XP  When you accomplish your stated mission without any stress, trauma, or complications, or when you complete your mission with multiple forms of stress or stress and a complication in place, and you vow to make better decisions next time.

Next is a milestone inspired not so much by Marvel Now Point One #1 so much as it is inspired by my absolute wonder at why I spent so much money on this issue and wondered why this issue even exists.  Sorry, usually keep the critical commentary far away from the milestones . . . sometimes it’s hard.

Who Will Shape the Future?

  • 1 XP  When you ask a time traveler or precognative a question about threats from the future.
  • 3 XP  When you take emotional stress because the precog or native of the future gives you a vague or frustrating answer to your question.
  • 10 XP  When you manage to piece together what threat your time traveler or precog was warning you about, and you stop that threat, or when you give up on chasing shadows and retire from hero business.

And last but not least, we’ll visit the Micorverse to see how Venom is doing in Venom #26, with some milestones inspired by Flash Thompson’s awkward first visit to a tiny little dimension.

This Science Fiction Mumbo Jumbo Would Be Right Up Parker’s Alley

  • 1 XP  When you announce your discomfort due to your environment and it’s alien nature.
  • 3 XP  When you first perform a support action for a native of this alien place, or when a native grants your an asset and you use it to successfully perform an action.
  • 10 XP  When you overcome your discomfort with this strange new environment and manage to help the natives overcome a grave threat to their existence, or when your very presence becomes a threat to the natives and you leave the place before you do any further harm.


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