The State of Gaming (for me), October 2012

What I’m Doing

So, where am I and where do I want to be when it comes to my gaming habits?

First off, I’m having more fun that I have a right to with my Marvel Heroic Group.  I’ve padded the Breakout event a bit to fit my tastes and to give it a little more depth, and we’ll be diving into Civil War after this.

I’m thinking that Civil War will be in the same continuity as our current game, let’s call it Earth-3432  (I rolled dice for that).  We’ll reset things a bit for the event, but what happened in Breakout won’t be staying in Breakout.

In order to facilitate running this, not only did I reread the actual event, but I picked up the novelization, which I’m interested to read, because it doesn’t follow the continuity of the comics.  This is actually particularly useful to a Watcher running this event, because it serves as another perspective of “what could have happened.”

And to be really obsessive and cover things from all angles, I was trying to watch the cut scenes for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but I haven’t quite put aside the time to do so yet.

On Tuesday night, I’ll be starting up as a player in an online Marvel Heroic game featuring the X-Men and I’ll be running Beast.  To be properly prepared to play Dr. Hank McCoy, I printed out a few sheets of Shakespeare and Voltaire quotes.

On the Thursday nights that I’m not running my Marvel Heroic game, I’m in a friend’s Pathfinder game, which is fun because:

1.  The game has some gamer friends that I haven’t gotten to game with recently in it.

2.  The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Golarion overrun by demons and undead, and all of use are children of gods.

3.  We get to use Super Genius Games products in the game.

What I Still Wish I Could Do

So many good games I still want to play or run!

Dungeon Crawl Classics looks like a blast, and I would love to play and/or run that system.  It’s so gonzo and over the top, and it just sounds like familiar with a touch of crazy.

Unfortunately my schedule didn’t line up to be in a friend’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire game, so that’s still on the “I really want to play or run this” list.

I really, really want to get involved, on either side of the “screen” in a 13th Age game.  It’s like the saner, more modern flip side of the coin from Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Lower on the list are games I’d like to give a shot, but I don’t have the same level of excitement over as the above, including:

1.  The One Ring.  The more I hear about it, the more it sounds like it really emulates the source material well, and we all know Hobbit fever is rising.

2.  Deathwatch/Rogue Trader/Only War.  I like the setting and the system, but it’s not as high up on the list because I have at least gotten to play in a Deathwatch game and run a Rogue Trader game for a while.

3.  Fiasco.  This one has taken over my previous spot for Call of Cthulhu, as something that sounds like a lot of fun, but that I know I’d probably be happy just getting a chance to play it once to get the feel of it.

Ah, to be a gamer with Jamie Madrox’s powers.


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