Milestones (Week of 10/27/12)

I’m not even going to pretend that I forgot it wasn’t Wednesday this time around.  I did, however, get a few comics this week, so let’s get into the fray with some milestones that popped into the dark, echoing recesses of my Watcher brain as I read them.

We’ll start with the first issue of the new Punisher War Zone limited series, where in Spidey tries to convince his fellow Avengers that they need to take the Punisher seriously and bring them in.

This Has Gone On For Too Long

1 XP  When you mention a threat that your teammates dismiss as being beneath their efforts.

3 XP  When one of your allies comes around to your way of thinking and advocates your course of action.

10 XP  When the threat that you mentioned proves to be so dangerous that your allies agree that they should have listened to you in the first place, or when all of your allies abandon you and you have to face this threat alone.

Next up, we look at AvX #3, specifically a few of the examinations of belief and changing points of view, which affects several characters, including Iron Man and his acceptance of things beyond science and Cyclops, and has adoption of a political prisoner persona.

Matters of Belief May Lead to Dangerous Places

1 XP  When you make a comment about the world changing, or when you make a comment about how you have changed.

3 XP  When you gain a new ally because of your compelling new philosophy, or when you coerce, leverage, or force an old ally into doing something to aid your cause.

10 XP  When you refuse help from allies in a desperate situation because the help would undermine your new philosophy or belief, or when you abandon your new outlook and you entreat your friends to help you make your life go back to the way it was.

Our next stop points us to Guatemala and (way) beyond with Gambit #4, and the reason Remy ends up there in the first place . . .

A Sucker For a Pretty Face

1 XP  When you flirt with someone you find attractive.
3 XP  When you perform a dangerous action because of your romantic interest, and you take stress or trauma because of that dangerous action.
10 XP  When you save your romantic interest from great danger, and that romantic interest either returns your affection, or leaves as soon as they get the chance.
Now, we’ll head back to New York City, to Shadowland  (and the Danger Zone) for Amazing Spider-Man #696, and his problems with having multiple Hobgoblins interested in him.

If There is a Knock-Off Here, It’s You

1 XP  When you first realize that your opponents in an action scene hate one another as much as they hate you, and you point this out.
3 XP  When you complete an action because your opponents were more interested in one another, and they don’t pay enough attention to you.
10 XP  When you manage to turn one of your opponents against the other fully, and you prevail over them both, or when your opponents realize that you are their greatest threat, and they vow to only act as a team against you until you are ultimately defeated, or they are.
At this point, let’s head to the Secret Avengers secret base, for a set of milestones inspired by both Hawkeye’s trust in Eric O’Grady and Captain Britain’s trust in the Avengers of the Undead from Earth 666.
I Know How Much You Hate Betrayal

1 XP  When you put your trust in a questionable individual in a tough situation.
3 XP  When a more trustworthy ally questions your judgement in putting your faith in the questionable individual, and you champion your chosen individual.
10 XP  When your chosen individual comes through for you at a critical time and proves that they are worthy of your trust, or when they show their true colors and betray you, and you admit to your allies that you were wrong to trust them.
Finally, let’s catch up with Captain America and Black Widow in yet another alternate dimension from Captain America and Black Widow #638, and look at a milestone inspired by their encounters with lots of different versions of different allies and enemies from across the alternate Earths.
Agent America Is Dead

1 XP  When you identify your opponents as alternate reality versions of allies or opponents from your home reality.
3 XP  When your opponents fail to realize some way in which you differ from your alternate reality version, and they fail an action due to that failure, or when your knowledge of the commonality between your opponents and their more familiar version gives you insight into their behavior, and it allows you to succeed in an action against them.
10 XP  When you find the source of the reality incursion that is allowing these alternate versions of your allies and enemies to invade other realities, and you shut it down permanently, or when you realize that the reality bleed is too extensive, and you decide to go on adventures across the omniverse.
As always, let me know what you think, any improvements that could be made, and if you might have used these and how they worked for your game.  Thanks for stopping by.


  • is there any way I can get in on this game? I love Marvel. I played Marvel RPG for over 20 years. And I am the Watcher for my own campaign with the new Marvel Heroic Playing system. I watched two of your gaming sessions. You guys are great. Need another player? I love Hawkeye or Thor but I can play any Marvel character in character.


  • Unfortunately I have a few people in line for spots when they open up. I do hope you will keep following us and that you continue to enjoy the Hangout games.


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