I Am So Angry/Glad that Google+ Reveals RPG Goodness/Taunts Me

I am anxiously awaiting 13th Age.  I don’t know when I will have time to run it or if I will ever get a chance to play it, but it looks great, and it’s a lot of the right notes with me.  So, end of story, no need to look at any other fantasy RPGs right now, right?

Well, I wasn’t looking, but then I saw a flood of posts on Google+ about Barebones Fantasy Roleplaying, and the more I poked around what was being said, the more I thought that I might have to check out the rules.

A few days ago I picked up the PDF from RPG Now, and I’m mostly through the book now  (I’d be done, but, you know, ADD and Star Wars news . . . what was I talking about again?), and I have yet another RPG that I want to run at some point in time and likely will never have the chance to do so.

It doesn’t replace the flashy level based goodness that is 13th Age, but it does look to fill that sweet spot of having a game that is really easy to explain to new people, really easy to prep for, and one that doesn’t cause me to choke on all of the fiddly bits and arcane rules interactions that go on.

For anyone that has the frame of reference, the rules remind me of what a “Basic Game” version of Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition might have looked like, but with the added innovation of turning careers into skills.

One of these days, if I get really brave and clear out enough time, I might see if I can use the random adventure generator to throw together a quick scenario and then see if I can get a group together for a one shot on Google+, just to see how the system and the generator do “in the wild.”

At $10, you really can’t go wrong giving thing a look.

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