Milestones, Milestones, and more Milestones (Nov 4th, 2012)

Sorry about the procrastination.  I had several posts ready to go, but I had some internet usage interruptions, and as such, I wanted to clear out the backlog before I jumped into this week’s milestones.  Excuses out of the way, let’s take our weekly tour of the Marvel Universe as viewed through the lenses of Milestones!

First, let’s look at A+X #1, and it’s theme of time displaced allies and enemies.

You’ve Altered Your Last Timeline

1 XP  When you either team up with a version of a hero you know from another timeline, or you enter into a fight with a version of a hero that you know from another timeline.

3 XP  When you create an asset for an ally based on your knowledge of the future, or your better grasp of the current time, or you create a complication for your opponent based on your knowledge of the future or intimate knowledge of he current timeline.

10 XP  When your time travelling ally or enemy leaves for their own time, and you either refuse to take a certain important course of action that you would normally take due to a dire warning about altering the timeline, or you decide that what is right in the here and now is more important that any potential ramifications, and you do what you feel is right.

Now we’ll head back to NYC, to witness what cannot be unwitnessed between the Thing and Spider-Man in Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1.

Major Life Regrets

1 XP  When you and an ally recover from being mentally or emotionally controlled, and you entreat your ally to never speak of what happened while you were under the controlling influence.

3 XP  When you perform an action that brings to mind actions that you were compelled to commit while you were under the controlling influence.

10 XP  When you decide that the only way to move on is to publicly discuss what happened while you were being controlled and you reveal every sordid detail, or you decide that the only way to move on is to find some way to have your memory erased so that you can never recall the details of what happened when you were being controlled.

After reliving the horrors of mind control, let’s head to prison and then to Siberia to examine the nature of villainy and how the perception of such affects those around them, by taking a look at these Milestones from AvX:  Consequences #4.

You’re Not A Villain

1 XP  When you spend a transition scene explaining to a former adversary what their positive qualities are.

3 XP  When you allow a former adversary to escape capture, or when you talk a former adversary out of a course of action that would be personally devastating.

10 XP  When you realize that you can see a former adversary’s point of view and you express to them that you cannot view them as a villain even if you are forced to oppose their actions in the future, or when you finally see through the actions of a former adversary and you realize that they are a greater threat than you realized, and you vow make them your primary concern from this point on.

Now, let’s take a trip back to Carol Danver’s origin story, in a the following Milestones.

I Call This a Wednesday

1 XP  When you dismiss a strange situation that you have found yourself in as being mundane.
3 XP  When you take stress or suffer a complication in the strange situation that you downplayed, and you either continue to express bravado, or you admit that the situation is potentially more serious than you let on.
10 XP  When you return from the strange situation that was vexing you and resume your normal life, and you manage to still make an appointment you had scheduled, or you miss an important moment in your life and you decide that you need to refocus and takes your superhero career more seriously.
Finally, let’s swing back to the present, and drop in on the Jean Grey School and it’s Headmistress Kitty Pryde as tries to fill a job opening, in this set of Milestones inspired by Wolverine and the X-Men #19.
The Best Available Candidates for the Job

1 XP  When you express an interest in a character to recruit them for a job that doesn’t involve acting as a superhero.

3 XP  When a job prospect demonstrates a specialty for you at your request, or when they perform a stunt related to a specialty in order to impress you.

10 XP  When you close the job opening, either because you can’t find anyone that can perform to your expectations, or because you offered the job to someone you feel is qualified, and they accepted the position.

I’m tapped out on Milestones for this week . . . we’ll see you when a few more comics sneak into my collection this week!

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