The Dhampir Diaries, Volume One: Dining on Dinosaurs

Last Thursday was our regular Pathfinder RPG game, wherein we are playing the children of various gods  (using Super Genius Games Godling products) trying to sort out what happened a thousand years ago that threw Golarion in a demon/zombie apocalypse.

My (much ridiculed by my wife and daughter) character is a dhampir death knight whose mother was Urgathoa, goddess of the undead.  I don’t tell anyone that, however, and claim my patron goddess, Pharasma, as my mother instead.  See, my idea was to kind of play the Anti-Christ.  My mother had me to take over this whole undead apocalypse thing for her, and I’m not so sure about that, so instead, I destroy every undead that I find.

Last session I met up with the party for the first time, and I was deathly ill  (in part, I’m naturally weak and sickly, since I’m fighting my true nature . . . which is my narrative way of explaining that I rolled an 8 for Strength and a 6 for Constitution).  Now I’m feeling much better, and we set off through the jungle to find an observatory that is suppose to have some answers to the big questions of how all of this happened.

In the jungle, we ran into several dinosaur breeds that wanted to kill and eat us.  Oh, and I think they had some demon-tainted blood as well.  We all surived those encounters, but the important thing to note is that one of our party cast paralyzed a T-Rex, and I coup de graced him . . . with my fangs.  Yes, I killed a giant dinosaur eating machine by ripping out an artery with my teeth, and bathing in the arterial spray.  Let’s see Robert Pattinson do that!  (No, I’m not still hung up on my wife and daughter making fun of my choice of character race, why do you ask?)

When we reach the observatory, we find it being occupied by devils.  Now, devils aren’t automatically the bad guys . . . they don’t like the demons running around lose and the rampant undeadery going on, and we find out that these devils were sent by the father of our of our party members  (Asmodeus’ son, who is already naming various members of the part to positions in his future kingdom once we resolve all of this).

As a side note, the daughter of Sarenrae in the party is being stalked/wooed by an incubus.  Demons = bad guys, but in the post apocalyptic setting we are in, he makes her all comfy whenever she goes to bed at night by summoning a bed for her to sleep on.  A big, ostentatious, comfortable bed.  I joked that her sleep number is 666.

Now, flash back to now, and our Sarenrae godling tries to go to sleep while the rest of us investigate the observatory, and all of the sudden the devils detect the chaos of the Abyssal Bed, and move in to kill the furniture.  Our wooed one gets up and decides not to sleep for a while, so as not to upset our diabolical allies.

Inside the observatory, we finds a powerful artifact, a gate, and notes all over the place about how to summon something that Should Not Be to Golarion, which appears to be when the gods lost control and all of this got out of hand, so we decided to spend a month or so at the observatory  (research montage!) and figure out the ins and outs of the ritual to see if we can figure out how to find and/or banish this thing that was brought through the portal a thousand years ago.

As a side note, most of the people in the party have their high stats in strength, dexterity, constitution, and charisma.  Intelligence and especially wisdom, not so much.  My character is both smart and wise, but I’m having a much harder time playing that when I’m in an established party that is more or less fated to do extremely dangerous stuff, and I myself am a bit of a zealot.

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