"This is What I Look Like When I’m Smiling"

I have kind of a mission here.  During World War Hulk, Ghost Rider was billed as being potentially powerful enough to take out the Hulk, if he had actually cared to spare the Illuminati his wrath.  I’m not sure where this version of GR fits on that power scale, but it’s a working model.  Let me know what you think.

I’ll tweak a few things a bit to fit the proper wording from the rulebooks eventually, I just kind of threw this together as the inspiration hit me.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)


Solo d10
Buddy d8
Team d6


Brimstone Biker
Spirit of Vengeance
Protect the Innocent

Power Sets

Demonic Form

d10 Superhuman Strength     d10 Superhuman Durability     d12 Emotional Blast     d12 Hellfire Control

SFX Penance Stare In a dice pool with an Emotional Blast die, add a d6 and step back the highest die in the pool. Step up your effect die, and keep an additional die that can only be used to create a “Haunted by the Past” complication on the target.

SFX Multi-power Add an additional power from your Demonic Form powerset, but step down each die added from your Demonic Form powerset.

SFX Area Attack Add an additional d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target. This ability cannot be used with Penance Stare.

SFX  Relentless.  As part of an action, spend a die equal to the stress from the Doom Pool to remove physical stress and step up a trait for this action.

Limit Guilt Ridden Souls Emotional Blast die and Penance Stare abilities can only be used on opponents that have a soul and are capable of feeling regret.

Limit Emotional Shock Penance Stare can only be used against a given target once per scene.

Limit Innocents to Protect If the Spirit of Vengeance can be convinced that there are no innocent parties involved, Zarathos will retreat into Johnny Blaze. Shut down Demonic Form Power Set.

Limit But You Can Control It! Add a die to the doom pool and shut down Demonic Form. Recover by spending a die from the Doom Pool.

Implements of Vengeance

d10 Hellfire Cycle     d10 Weapon     d10 Dimensional Travel

SFX Dragged by the chains. In a dice pool that includes the Hellfire Cycle trait, step up or double Hellfire Cycle die, discard the highest rolling die in the dice pool, and add three dice for your total. This cannot be used in a pool with Multi-power.

Limit Linked When Demonic Form powerset is shut down, shut down Implements of Vengeance as well.


Combat Expert d8     Cosmic Expert d8     Menace Master d10 Mystic Expert d8     Vehicle Master d10     

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