Always in Motion the Future Is (Game Changers)

Some changes in my gaming habits and in the blog content that we have going on, so bear with me folks.

What I’m Playing

I’m still in a Pathfinder game, but unfortunately, after a stellar run with our Breakout Event, my online Marvel game is going on hiatus.  There are a number of factors, but to sum up, we have multiple players leaving and I’m having some connectivity issues with my internet during “prime time.”
Taking all of that into consideration, I’m picking up a new “face to face” game in a friend’s Star Wars Edge of the Empire game.  Looking forward to participating in that game, and I’ll be discussing how this goes right here.
Due to the same connectivity issues, I’m also, unfortunately, dropping the Marvel game that I was playing in on Tuesday nights.  I’ll miss my fellow X-Men, and playing Beast.  
What I’m Blogging

I’m bringing my Wednesday Milestones to an end for now.  Originally this feature started out as a thought exercise to see if I could put together usable milestones from the comics I was reading from month to month.  
It was a lot of fun, but I’m getting a little burned out, not because I’m not enjoying the comics or because I’m burned out on milestones, but because I am reading a lot of the same books from month to month, and it’s getting harder and harder to come up with milestones that don’t sound exactly like the milestones I just did last week.
I do have some thoughts bouncing around my head about milestones focused around brand new heroes and how they establish themselves, from the standpoint of making new, original characters to use in Marvel Heroic, as well as some unlockables to go with those milestones.  I’ll be throwing those up here on the blog when I get them polished up.
I’ll also be putting together more characters that haven’t shown up in Marvel Heroic books up to this point as the mood strikes me.

I’m also planning on keeping up with the Pull List on a monthly basis, when I have a chance to look band and determine what I’m going to keep buying and what falls off into the comic book abyss.


  • A shame you're leaving the X-Men game. We're actually moving on to play Marvel Knights instead. Punisher, Moon Knight, Daredevil, awesome guys like that.I suggested Great Lakes Avengers, but no one was interested for some reason.


  • Darn it! I loved Marvel Knights. I want to see Punisher taking on Ulik the Troll.


  • You just need to get your internet thing fixed then so you can come back and play!


  • I would gladly step down from Punisher (who I am picking up) if you came back.


  • So we wrapped about things. It looks like half-Marvel Knights, half-Midnight Sons. Seems we'll have to play it all out to see which way it angles eventually, hah.But I am still Punisher.And we have Cage, Ghost Rider (a more street level version), Blade, Madrox, Paladin and myself.We're all investigating this club. There's supernatural things afoot, as well as a drug cartel involved… all leading to one thread. And I'm going to shoot the Hell out of it.


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