Pull List! November 2012

I’m a sucker for team ups, and so far I’ve had fun with most of the stories so far.  I will say that, despite enjoying the book, if I can’t trim my pull list a bit more in light of Marvel Now, I might be axing this one, because it’s fun, but it’s also kind of “empty calorie” fun.  
Prognosis:  Its fun, and I’m staying with it, if Marvel doesn’t make me yell uncle with their scheduling.
All New X-Men

Crap.  I thought this was going to be the book that I was going to read a bit, realize it wasn’t for me, and move on.  Instead, it’s kind of compelling and interesting.  I’m still not happy about Beast’s new status quo, but we’ll see how it plays out.  With Beast showing up in a few Avengers books, I don’t know that his problems will hinder him for too long.
Prognosis:  Guess I’m riding this one out for a while, since, you know, it’s actually good.
Amazing Spider-Man
Dan Slott is a rotten bastard.  As long as he keeps feeding my my guts and my heart, I’ll keep taking the abuse.  I mean this is the nicest possible way.  Seriously, though, the man is great with Spider-Man, and I really want to see where this story goes.
Prognosis:  In for the rest of Amazing, ready to see what Superior has in store.
Avengers Assemble
I was right to hang on for DeConnick’s run.  Loved her first issue.  Looking forward to seeing her with a rotating cast of Avengers to play with month to month.
Prognosis:  Looking good in DeConnick’s hands.
Avenging Spider-Man
This month is feeling a little better, meaning that Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur are actually being treated a little more seriously than Deadpool and Thing.  Huh.  This arc isn’t really going to convince me one way or the other.  I’m interested now to see how Superior Spider-Man turns out, because Slott as said whomever Superior’s star is, he’s the star of this book as well.
Prognosis:  Wary, but I’m a sucker for Spider-Man
I know I said she was gone last month, but from what I was hearing, Batgirl and Batman were the only other Bat family books I wanted to read regarding the Death of the Family storyline.  I liked this issue much more that my last time that I checked in with Babs, so I’ll ride out the book during the crossover and go from there.
Prognosis:  Back on the list for now.
I’m not really interested in gambling on other Batman books.  I’m still pretty happy with Snyder’s flagship book, and while I still hate Joker’s lack of a face, I’m starting to think the crossover storyline is getting interesting.
Prognosis:  Still on board
Captain America
I had a bit of a visceral reaction to the flashback of Cap’s dad.  Apparently his father having been an alcoholic is a “known thing,” but seeing the whole picture of an unemployed Irish immigrant drunk that beats his wife as a wee bit too stereotypical for my tastes.  Still, that wasn’t the only thing that didn’t work for me.  Cap under Brubaker would have been right at home fighting Cobra alongside G.I. Joe.  I expected a turn more towards super hero over super soldier, but not quite the full on rocket ride to crazy town that we got, along with all of the odd, too quick to develop naturally plot elements.  I’ll see Remender’s Cap in the Avengers side of things.
Prognosis:  Cap’s gone, at least in solo mode.
Captain America and

I like how Bunn is tying up he threads he wove through the last several team up in this book, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion.
Prognosis:  Till the end of the book, which is next issue, I think.
Captain Marvel
On one hand, now that we aren’t time traveling, things are much less muddy.  The interplay between Carol and Monica is great.  However, the story still seems like it’s going to be a bit of a slow burn, but at least this time around, it’s a slow burn that isn’t jumping through time and introducing a bunch of side characters that end up not really contributing as much as they could have.
Prognosis:  DeConnick’s banter alone keeps me here.  The rest is gravy.
By virtue of actually moving the plot forward, Waid buys his Daredevil run another issue from me, but I can’t help but feel that the book isn’t quite as fun as it was at the beginning.
Prognosis:  At least waiting out the story arc next month.
Why, no, Deadpool wasn’t going to be on the list for this month.  I didn’t need to read a Deadpool solo book.  Unfortunately for my wallet, I read the reviews of the book.  Fortunately as a comics fan, the book is hilarious and fun and I’m doomed.

Prognosis:  I’m hooked.  Maybe the book will start to suck eventually and I can escape.

Earth 2

Earth 2 continues to outpace it’s hiccup  (at least in my book) in quality, and wraps up it’s first story arc in a slightly surprising way.  It’s entertaining and it remains to be it’s own thing, and I’m fine with that.
Prognosis:  Still on board.  But I miss my old Grundy.
Fantastic Four + FF
Interesting new premise and Fraction seems to have a good handle on the basics of the team.  Love Bagley’s art.  Looking forward to some back to basics cosmic adventurer Fantastic Four goodness, even in the confines of the opening framing arc.  Loving the introductory issue of FF and the introduction of the Future Foundation kids to Scott Lang and company.
Prognosis:  Smooth sailing so far.
G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow
I’m trying to figure out if Krake’s scorched earth tactics are heading for a Hama-esque swerve where the bad guys have to keep working together despite horrendous bad blood between them, or if we are getting a kind of wrap up to Dixon’s era on the book, and whatever the new status quo or continuity might be.  Either way, I’m enjoying the book, and maybe, just maybe, for Chuck’s sake, I’ll keep reading Special Missions when it comes out, even if I jettison the rest of the confusing rebooted Joe line.

Prognosis:  Here until the books are relaunched.


I really liked the opening arc, and while it’s still interesting, I’m missing the chemistry between Gambit and his dangerous lady friend.  Gambit is definitely more interesting when he can inject some charisma into the story.
Prognosis:  I’m wavering a little.  Hopefully Gambit can turn up the charm again as we finish up the arc.
I jinxed myself, didn’t I?  Even though Ghostbusters is getting a rebooted #1, and even though IDW is going to put out Ghostbusters books in an alternate continuity, I’ll enjoying this story arc and Burnham’s version of the characters.
Prognosis:  Riding this series out, and likely checking out the reboot but not new continuity book when it hits.
Hawkeye has hit it’s first real multi-part storyline since it launched, and that in and of itself is enough of a change in feel that I’m not sure if I like it.  Still, the opening story was interesting, and Kate was awesome, so we’ll see how longer arcs work in the already solid formula.
Prognosis:  Riding out the rest of the story arc, at least, and the book has a lot of good will reserve built up with me.
Indestructible Hulk
Solid and promising start to Waid’s Hulk  (and Banner!) story, so I’m interested enough to follow it for a while and see where it goes.  Despite my misgivings about recent Daredevil arcs, Waid knows his way around a super hero, so I’ll keep an eye on this one.
Prognosis:  In for a few more issues at least.
Iron Man
I liked the first issue, but between the fact that the book is shipping twice a month, and the strange “techno knights” turn that the book takes in the second issue, I can hold off on reading any more about Tony’s solo exploits.  I’ll still see him in the Avengers books.
Prognosis:  Gone, but not with any bad memories.
Justice League
Cheetah’s story wasn’t bad.  I still feel like the Justice League in this book exist kind of outside of how the individual books portray them  (Batman isn’t too different).  The backup feature with Shazam! is much more interesting when it’s actually about Black Adam.

Prognosis:  I’m getting enough enjoyment to stick around. 

Nightwing hasn’t been brilliant or great, but it’s been fun.  I’m fine with a “just fun” Bat related book.  I don’t need Nightwing navel gazing or wondering about his place in the world.  
Prognosis:  I’m having fun, so Nightwing is staying put for now.
Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt
Looks like issue #3 is where I get off.  When we go from a guy that is trying to make the world a better place, and isn’t sure of himself, to a guy that is opposed by a two dimensional character that gets to stand in for the Military Industrial Complex and a 2D character that stands in for organized western religion, the book starts to feel a bit too preachy and slap dash to me.
Prognosis:  Done and done.
Scarlet Spider
I was underwhelmed by Minimum Carnage, and it didn’t help that Scarlet Spider’s issues didn’t seem to focus much on Kaine.  I’m still in, but I’m hoping we can get back to what was fun about the character when he goes back to solo mode.
Prognosis:  Yost has built up enough good will that I’m sticking around for a while.

Secret Avengers

This version of the book is going away soon, but I’m enjoying he chaos.  Not sure how everything is going to actually resolve, but I thought that last arc as well.
Prognosis:  In till the end of this version of the series.
Thor–God of Thunder

Loving this book so far.  Mythology plus cosmic weirdness with the added twist of telling the opening story arc on three fronts:  past, present, and future.
Prognosis:  Certainly riding out the first story arc, and wondering where it will go from there. 
Uncanny Avengers

I like it so far, but it does feel like it’s just on the verge of trying too hard  (for example, Rogue’s commentary about Gambit, and Red Skull’s comments about Scarlet Witch).  There is a solid story here, but it’s just on the verge of pushing a bit too much for shock value.  
Prognosis:  Still interested to read the flagship title, and actually a little relieved it’s shipping late.
Uncanny X-Force
Wow.  Too bad this version of the team is going away.  That’s how you wrap up a story arc right there.
Prognosis:  In until next issue, which is the end of the road.
Apparently there are limits to my love of all things Spider-Man.  I still like the character, in general, but the book is doing nothing for me, and I’m not really interested enough to stick around post Minimum Carnage.  He overshadowed Scarlet Spider, and wasn’t interesting when he did it, and that’s not cool.
Prognosis:  Somethings got to give, and mister Thomson is off the list.
Wolverine and the X-Men
Yikes, twice a month shipping, again!  I still like this series, although the reveal about Angel doesn’t do much for me.  I fear that this book is going to get thrown into a lot of turmoil in the coming months, with Bendis being the big gun and shaking things up.
Prognosis:  As long as the book resembles what it does now, I’m still on board.

World’s Finest
I gave it another shot because of the Damian/Helena team up, and I’m actually not disappointed.  Why do I like Damian better  (or at least enjoy stories with him) when he’s a guest star?  Before Flashpoint my favorite Damian appearances were in Batgirl.  
Prognosis:  In at least through the Damian/Helena crossover story.


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