I Know I Haven’t Done Milestones in a While . . . (Potential Spoilers for Spider-Man 700)

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted Milestones.  To be honest, while I love comics, there are a lot of similar themes, so it’s hard to keep coming up with unique Milestones every week.  Then a comic comes along that has at least a somewhat unique angle one the progression of a hero’s journey, and, BAM!  Inspiration for more Milestones!

After reading Amazing Spider-Man #700, the Bam! happened.

I Will Carry On In Your Name

1 XP  When you mention how you have handled a situation better than your predecessor, or when you express frustration at a situation that your predecessor seemed to handle better than you can.

3 XP  When you lose track of who you are and mistakenly reference your predecessor’s history when you should be drawing on your own experiences, or when you accidentally mention your own past when you should be discussing knowledge your predecessor should have.

10 XP  When you realize the wisdom and moral strength of your predecessor, and give up any semblance to your former life to fully adopt the life of your predecessor, or when you give up on the notion of being a hero at all, and return to a life of villainy.

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