Living on the Edge . . . Gand on Holiday! (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG)

Our intrepid band of galactic explorers on the edge of legal trade continued their scavenger hunt to help keep our Rodian pilot and slicer Prawn alive and out of debt to the mighty Cheezblintz the Hutt  (don’t judge us . . . remember Admiral Akbar is a Mon Calamari).

We took off for Coruscant with two objectives in mind.  First, we needed to find an Alderaanian noble with a crest we could steal.  Second, we were trying to find a remote computer that wasn’t hooked up to the HoloNet that our Prawn could slice and we could use to figure out the location of Korriban.  Max Damage, our human xenobiologist who has almost no combat skills to speak of, figure out how to license my pet hive monkey Skizmer so I wouldn’t have to leave him on the ship.

Gand got a chance to use his Respected Scholar talent again, as we looked up history teachers on Coruscant to see if I could find some evidence in the computers of where any Alderaanian nobles might live, and if any of the students had done research that revealed any.

As it happened, things were a bit simpler than that, and we found a crest on display in one of the classrooms in the college.  IG-FX, our medical droid and assassin, and Prawn posed as janitors and support staff to the college in order to get access to the classroom.

IG-FX was detained, and convinced the staff that, since he was a medical droid, he was actually part of a new initiative on behalf of the school to dispense prophylactic devices to the students.  This got the duo further into the school, they picked up the crest from the classroom, covered it with a garbage bag, and started to walk out.

Prawn, with vibro-mop

Prawn was berated for being in part of the school that he shouldn’t be in, but IG-FX was carrying the bag, and just walked off.  Since, you know, he’s just a droid.

Phase Two of Operation:  Get Stuff on Coruscant was to find a planetarium that might have an old record of Korriban that might be sliced by Prawn.  We went to an out of the way Planetarium that was featuring Laser Rebo! and Prawn sliced the computer while Gand picked up a shirt from the gift shop.

Prawn got 20 year old coordinates to Korriban, but set off an alarm, so we took off from the planetarium as fast as we could before the Coruscant Stormtroopers could show up and ask us why we wanted the coordinates to Korriban.  Thankfully, the Trandoshan gunman was still on the ship and got it warmed up so we could make a quick getaway.

Twenty year old coordinates are a tricky thing.  They require your navigator to extrapolate the position of the planet you are looking for, accounting for two decades of galactic spin.  About the third or fourth time we missed Korriban, we headed back to Nar Shaddaa for fuel and provisions.  We were well and truly broke at this point.

However, we did eventually find Korriban, only a few weeks later than we initially thought we would. The planet was a bit intimidating, and we almost crashed the ship, and had to survive collapsing buildings.  Oh, and the wookiee started to feel like he was going to fly into a murderous rage all of the time and we all started to feel the life sapped out of us.  Thankfully, we found the meditation stone fairly quickly, and it was off to Nal Hutta.

Cheezblintz was as happy to see us as a Hutt ever is to see anyone, and we unloaded the rancor eggs, hive monkeys, crest, meditation stone, and a few other things that the crew picked up before Gand stowed away on the ship.  We saved Prawn’s life, paid down his debt, and made about a thousand credits for our trouble.

And Now For Something Completely Different

After we finished the actual roleplaying section of the evening, our GM regretfully informed us that he was going to be too busy at work to continue running the game.  After some deliberation, I inherited the mantle of running the game.

Because we will have a new player, and because of he changes in the rules with the Week 10 playtest document and the Basic Game release, I decided to allow players to keep their character if they wanted, or to remake a new character.  We’ll see how the party shakes out now that the group has the option to start over or continue.

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