Marching Forward

I’ve still got a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game to summarize here, but most of this weekend I’ve been busy plugging away at printing, organizing, and outlining my Marvel Heroic sessions for the Winter War convention that starts this upcoming Friday.

Not only that, but I promised my wife some attention before she loses me for most of the convention this weekend.

Because I’m always a little paranoid about forgetting something critical, as per my usual custom, I’m not running my regular Thursday night game before Winter War, so no Dungeon Crawl Classics this week.

In my “free moments” and while waiting on my wife’s hair appointments today, I did some inspirational reading, reading or rereading Secret Invasion, Schism, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade, and Siege.  Just some light reading.

Have I mentioned how cool the Marvel Digital Unlimited Subscription is, especially for filling in the gaps in your reading from years gone by?

At any rate, I’ve got everything done but one outline  (for my Young Avengers scenario), so I’m not doing too bad.  Two of my scenarios are modified from the Breakout Event from the basic game, and the other two were graciously provided by Margaret Weis Production.  Really looking forward to getting to run some more Marvel Heroic.

I will say that I was a wee bit tempted to sign up for the twilight  (midnight to four) session of Tremulus, but I owe my 9 am players a bit more lucidity that I could provide, had I given in to my gaming urges.

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