It Was A Great Convention, Then it Was A Horrible Week.

More or less just letting everyone know I’m still alive.  Winter War went great.  Introduced a lot of new people to Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and at least a few of them were anxious to pick up a copy of either the Basic Game or Civil War and start playing.  We only really had one session where it was hard to explain to the new players how everything worked, due to a scheduling and placement issue with our table and some of the ones around us, but for the most part, even that session was fun, if a bit more confusing.

Monday afternoon I started to feel the encroaching illness that I had been dodging for a week or so, and figured if I slept from the time I got home until I went to work the next day, I’d be fine.  Not so much.  Tuesday hit me will almost every muscle in my body aching, a low grade fever, nausea, full lungs, and a horrible sinus headache.

By this morning I had worked through a lot of that, took a shower, and felt better . . . until I went outside to the now plummeting temperatures that hit us after a few days of 40 and 50 degree weather.  I almost immediately started to feel as bad as I had on Tuesday, went in to work, and promptly got sent home so as not to infect my whole department.

Because I’ve been sleeping a good portion of my time away, I didn’t have time to prep anything for the Star Wars game, so even had I been feeling better, that would have been canceled.

This isn’t so much a case of “con crud,” as “I spent the whole weekend tiring myself out and not sleeping as much as I could while fighting off an illness that was already stalking me.”  I’ve been pretty lucky in the past to have avoided any signs of “con crud” after a convention  (though that may have to do with the fact that I usually take the day after a convention off to sleep in and recharge my batteries).

So, I’m still here.  I’ll post the last Star Wars session at some point in time, and write up a summary of the Winter War games, which were great, but right now, I need some more sleep.

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  • Sorry to hear that Jared, though it sounds like the con crud was more of an after the con crud this year. I had a great time in your Friday night game even though I felt I could have done better (should have taken Beast). Now i know what people are talking about when they say you run a great game.Thanks,Tom Reed


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