Winter War Journal 2013, Day Three–Terminal Velocity! (Or Something)

I ran but a single game on Sunday.  For some reason, the last session on Sunday always feels a bit depressing for me, so I decided to skip it.  It’s not anyone’s fault, but everyone seems run down, and the session has to end when it is suppose to end, so it feels like a rush, so I just decided to end on a high note and only run the morning slot.

I know, the above opinion is just me, and I’m weird.  I’m sure there are plenty of people that love that last slot as much as the first one and are just as jazzed and energized on the way out as they are the way in.  Call me quirky.

New Mutants–Siege  (Once Again)

This session I had a few other friends sign up that hadn’t been to the rest of the convention, which was nice.  I had a few repeat customers from other sessions, which was also nice.  I had at least two people that had not played before, but one of the players had read through the rules before.

Especially in Marvel Heroic, I think its interesting to see how the same scenario plays out with different players and different heroes.  Last time around, no one took Dani, which meant that the ties to Asgard were more tenuous.  This time around we had Dani with us, and everything felt a bit more imperative.

We also had Warlock this time around, and my friend really took to Warlock’s characteristics of taking on pop culture icons with his shape changing.  He turned into R2-D2 at one point, and turned into the Death Star later on.  He also really got into the Warlock’s reluctance to inflict harm on anyone.

I do think that I made a bit of a mistake at one point in the session.  There are three fairly powerful powersets that a character can acquire in the session, and none of them explicitly say that one person can’t have more than one, but one player decided, in part because of a Milestone that he had hit, that he needed to keep two of the three.

The other players briefly mentioned that he should probably, for tactical reasons, spread the love, and he almost agreed, but really thought his Milestone that he had just fulfilled indicated that he would keep as much power as he could get.

I should have just jumped in with a quick ruling about mortals not being able to bear more than one of the powersets and had that be that, but I didn’t think fast enough.  No one seemed to be too upset, but I do think that it showed in the fight that ensued that having more versatile characters across the team would have been a better plan.

The game went right up to time, and as his last action, Sentry, fully possessed by the Void, pretty much wiped the floor with most of the team.  Everyone had a good time, but I also felt I dropped the ball a bit by not saving back my 2d12 to have actually narrated an ending instead of “calling” the session at time and just saying that two out of the six team members were still up.

Still, another friend of mine from the game store decided to buy the book and join a Marvel Game, so I’m glad that she enjoyed the session enough for that decision.

Overall, definitely a success.  Lots of fun was had by lots of gamers, and lots of new people got to see a new game system and seemed to take to it.  Looking forward to next year already, even if I don’t know if I’ll run, play, or do both.

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  • Jared, i must agree with you concerning the last con slot. I had a terrible time with my game in that slot and will never run in the last slot again if I can help it (and I can).Tom


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