Making a Career Out of Not Embarrassing the Inquisition (Dungeon Crawl Classics Recap, 3-7-13)

When last we left our intrepid bad of Dungeon Crawling adventurers . . . four out of six of them had died finishing up the threat that lie at the bottom of a huge chasm.  Not at all due to the mega-sleep spell cast by the party’s elf.  Coincidentally the only other survivor of the incident being an elf.

However, crisis averted.

As the two elves crawled out of the collapsed hole, they found out that the village of Doomshadow was being reawakened by Inquisitor Sard utilizing a fancy chime of awakening.  The villagers, as well as visitors that had arrived in the town because of the celebratory games/potential virgin sacrifice were also awakened.

The previous town mayor had died due to the mercurial magic of one of the deceased members of the party and his unfortunate luck.  The newly promoted former deputy mayor thanked the surviving adventurers, and decreed that the old mayor would have wanted the games to go on.

Granshee, an elven barrister, and master of the complaint letter, also received his writ from the Inquisition proclaiming him free from the taint of Chaos and corruption . . . despite his beak, glowing pulses of energy, and hooves.

Aelanthea was the only other surviving party member, and also an elf, although Granshee became increasingly bewildered that everyone thought there was only one elf in the party.  Aelanthea and Granshee were introduced to the wandering adventuers Drewman DeAlfa, a halfling, Wilbur, a cleric of Great Cthulhu, and Hywell Von Hywell, a man that less kind souls would call a thief.

Hywell and Drewman both set to plotting how they might acquire the Inquisitor’s chime, but neither managed to get the perfect opportunity.

During the games, Wilbur had a problem with his bow during the archery contest, and the newly promoted mayor received a fatal injury.  As this was part of the games, no legal ramifications were visited upon Wilbur, and the Exchequer of Doomshadow moved up to the position of Mayor, and celebrated the rest of the games barricaded in his house.

Granshee rested from his grand sleep spell, the party participated in the games, and Inquisitor Sard came to Granshee with his problem.  Within the borders of the Imperium, the Inquisition functioned under the offices of the Empire, and the Empire had decreed that too many villages had been put to the torch to cleanse them.  This meant that Inquisitor Sard’s job would become more difficult, as he would actually have to find the specific sources of corruption, instead of rooting them out using the age old effective tool of mass bonfire.

He was concerned that Chaos tends to follow adventurers, and he had requisitioned enough funds from his church to pay the adventurers to sail to the Great City, a free city outside of the Imperium, which had a cathedral of the Lords of Order willing to pay adventurers that took Sard up on his offer to relocate.

Granshee agreed, and forgot to inform his companions of this stipulation of their leaving.  Wilbur discussed the matter with Sard himself, and obtained a separate letter declaring the new members of the party a second adventuring party, and thus worthy of a second “relocation” payout.  There were only slight hard feelings between the new members of the group and Granshee.  Only slight.

On the way to the docks, the party ran into a wandering mercenary looking for work.  The group offered to make Undrel into a henchman for a half share of party treasure, and he took the job, as his prospects in the region didn’t seem particularly bright.  Undrel was left off of the list for either “adventuring party” and not told about relocation reward that the groups were about to recover.

After the trip across the sea to the Great City, the group decided to collect their prize  (while Undrel was busy with the horses), and set out to Mustertown, in order to follow up on rumors of adventure there.  The group had had a few successful adventures, but they were young, and sure that they wouldn’t draw the ire of the mysterious spirits of the area that misliked skilled adventurers setting out from the Sending Stone.

Upon arriving at the Sending Stone, the group was stunned that they all appeared to be seasoned compared to the poor dregs trying their hands at the adventures offered by the Sending Stone, but they decided to visit the Lady to have their fortunes read.  She was kind to all of them, but they all received amazingly vague fortunes, with the exception of Undrel amazing fate to one day rule a kingdom, replete with various very specific milestones along the path.  Still, the party and the Lady seemed to get along well, and they set off.

No one killed them for being too experienced, so the expedition started well.  Landing in a swamp, they battled a mix if Crocodiles and Armadillos, and survived relatively intact.  Entering an ancient ruined colosseum, most of the party was moving forward very carefully, but Wilbur, craving secrets for the Great Cthulhu, bravely strode forth, leaping over a wall and a barricade of spikes to reach the center of the arena.

Wilbur fell through the center of the arena after getting shocked, and fell into a room surrounded by skeletons.  The power of Cthulhu compelled two of them, but he was still surrounded by a half dozen of the animate remains.  Before his companions could see what became of the priest, a dozen opossum men charged them, and battle was joined.

The opossum men were defeated, but the group had yet to rejoin Wilbur under the area.  Whatever happened, however, they knew they had found a nice little sculpture of a tree to bring back for the Lady, so at least that was a load off their minds.

Mechanical Parts

I printed out a random region map from this site:

Which was rather awesome.  I then took those locations on the map and placed most of my DCC material in various locations on the map where they made sense, and threw some rumors at the PCs, letting them follow up wherever they wished to do so.

Since they were already in the city, they followed up on the rumors corresponding to the Perils of the Sunken City adventure, and I figured I could make it work well enough, since three of our five in attendance were 1st level, and the final two were 2nd level.  I don’t know if I forgot what the cutoff was for the Warden “ejecting” adventurers, but in my mind I set it at 3rd level.

Since Undrel was hired on as a henchmen for a half share, I’m letting him advance at half XP of the party, instead of never advancing and getting a flat rate.  He’s an adventurer through and through.

I used the alternate skill check rules from Crawl! magazine to set the DCs for the competitions during the games, since it seemed a bit more dynamic to roll against the PCs rather than give them a set DC to see if they won any contests.

While I think its possible to run a campaign with a bit more serious tone using DCC, I think most of us are fairly happy with the degree of silliness in this game at this point, if only because it makes this campaign a nice pallet cleansing after years of this slot at the FLGS being used for Pathfinder games.

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