All Juiced Up–Some Marvel Heroic Musings

Because I was thinking about Civil War, and that led me to thinking about throwing in some scenes with Mutant Growth Hormone enhanced bad guys.  Once I started thinking about that, I started thinking about throwing together a power set related to it, and finally, that got me to thinking about what would happen if a protagonist ended up with said powerset, which leads to milestones.

So let’s get to it.


Mutant Growth Hormone Enhancement

d8 Enhancement

SFX  Adrenaline Surge  Step up or double a Mutant Growth Hormone Enhancement trait for an action.  If your action fails, shut down Mutant Growth Hormone Enhancement.  Reactivate by participating in a transition scene.

Limit  Burnout  Convert your Mutant Growth Hormone Enhancement trait into a complication to gain 1 pp  (or add a d6 to the Doom Pool, for Watcher characters)

And for those heroes that want to juice up . . .

I’m Not Using

1 XP  When you succeed in an action with a die pool that includes a die from the Mutant Growth Hormone Enhancement, and you feel compelled to come up with an excuse to explain your success that misdirects your allies from your enhancement.

3 XP  When you do something that causes your allies to wonder about how you have managed to enhance your abilities.

10 XP  When your allies confront you over your use of Mutant Growth Hormone, and you either cut yourself off from all of them so you can continue your use of MGH, or you swear off of using MGH forever and get rid of the Mutant Growth Hormone Enhancement powerset.

And as a side note, for anyone that might be running a game utilizing the Distinguished Competition’s characters, this same powerset works pretty well for a certain venomous compound that has shown up in those stories, and a least one parentally challenged avenger of the night could have qualified for the milestones related to the powerset as well.

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