A Confession About Priest (Only War)

So, I haven’t posted about Priest or his band of brothers recently.

This thing happened.

It was kind of my fault.

Also, keeping a journal may not only doom your character, but the whole group.

See, when you run across a group of injured stormtroopers, whose transport was shot down by strange, bear like creatures with wings that can fire energy beams out of their eyes, you might think a medic would be in his element.

If said medic could stabilize said stormtroopers, said medic would look awesome.  Unless he’s a penal legion medic.  In which case he doesn’t so much look awesome if he saves them, but looks guilty if he doesn’t save them.

So let’s theorize that someone was really not saved by a medicae test  (00).  Now, let’s assume someone else was not saved as well, but said person was dying slowly, and had no chance to live, they just weren’t dead yet.

Now let’s say you save the other two stormtroopers in the crash.

Then you decide that it might be better to invent a reason why the first two were beyond anyone’s help than to let said slowly dying person come up with any potential recriminations relating to your medical talent.  In that case, it might be better if said medic just made the slowly dying person die slightly faster.

Heck, it’s even more merciful that way.

Until someone else in your own group sees you doing this, and freaks out, and it draws the attention of the stabilized stormtroopers, who are within arm’s reach of their weapons, because you were too dumb to not leave their weapons near them . . . just in case.

“You there, quit killing people with that medkit!”

Now let’s say your band of brothers, being shot at by badly wounded stormtroopers, manages to pull together and kill said threat, joyously realizing that four guardsmen and their comrades can take on two badly wounded stormtroopers and win.

Would you then assume that perhaps, just perhaps, the dying stormtrooper that you just tried to mercy kill might be upset?

That would be a good assumption.

Would you assume that said stormtrooper really shouldn’t have had a grenade within his grasp when he already knows he’s dying and you just killed his allies?  That’s a good thought to keep in mind.

The death spiral of critical damage kicked in, and everything explosive everywhere in the scene went off, and the only thing that could claim a victory that day was the flying laser bears.  And the GM, because he got to use them first.

I have a new guardsman now.  She shoots krak missiles at things.  Nothing will go wrong.

One comment

  • Hmmm, the same thing can be said about miniatures in a roleplaying game. It seems like you can have a great time roleplaying until you decide to take the time and trouble to paint a miniature to represent your player character, at which time you are doomed….DOOMED I TELL YOU, DOOMED!!! It almost never fails. The last time I played I had just finished painting a figure to use as my character in the game, so what happens…I come within 1HP of dying. And the one guy I painted a figure for DID DIE.Thanks,Tom


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