Civil War Artifacts (Some Milestones From My Game)

A few sets of milestones have popped up so far in the community that I have set up for my Civil War group, and I thought they might be of interest to the wider Marvel Heroic community . . . or not.  I’ve been wrong about these things before.

This set of milestones derives from a discussion with one of my players about the change in our game world with having Thor around during Civil War, which got me to thinking about heroes from other countries, planets, and dimensions that happen to be around when the SHRA comes into effect, which led me to create this set of milestones.

Stranger in a Strange Land

1 XP  When you first come into conflict with forces from a land that is not your native land due to the laws of that land.

3 XP  When you enter into a discussion about why the laws of the land should or should not bind your actions.

10 XP  When you decide to leave the land and not return until the authorities apologize to you for their attempt to enforce their laws against you, or when you decide that this land is important enough to you that you will submit yourself to its laws and its authority.

The second set of milestones is from all around good guy +Wes Krush, who is playing Wolverine in my game and just started keeping an awesome journal for Logan on his blog.  The milestones are based on Logan’s recently returned memories, courtesy of House of M.

Skeletons in the Closet

1 XP  When you relate a current event or situation to something you have experienced in the past.

3 XP  When something from your previously forgotten past affects the current situation.

10 XP   When you find a way to shut out certain resurfaced memories for good, or you decide to take responsibility for your past and dedicate yourself to tying up loose ends.

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