Everything Else that Wasn’t The One Foot In the Grave (Only War, June 6th, 2013)

Our guardsmen, badly wounded and shy a medic, got word from HQ that we were getting reinforcements.  We shimmied up to the top of the fortress and waited for our brand new sanctioned psyker and his attendant, and our new ratling sniper and his aide.

After we secured our new troops, as we were heading down into the fortress again, there arose such a clatter.  And we couldn’t really see what was making that clatter.  The rest of the team went down to the courtyard while the sniper and my heavy weapon guardsmen stayed up top with our long range weapons.

The sniper thought he saw it, and took a shot.  I fired a frag missile in the same general area, which didn’t hit. Eventually the rest of the crew closed on it and engaged it in melee, which caused me to rethink my strategy. I didn’t really want to blow up my friends, so I used the grav chute and jumped down into the thick of it.

Everyone else retreated, and I pulled the shotgun.  Eventually the Tech-Assassin went down, and the main injury that anyone took was my guardsmen from her drop from the sky.

The sergeant decided that we had cleared out the fortress, despite the fact that we hadn’t even seen half of the place yet.  As he got ready to send the all clear, the rest of us began to wonder just how much trouble we were going to be in if something jumped out at a higher ranking officer, so Sarge had us head back into the side of the fortress we hadn’t explored yet.

Let me just point out that our group had insane luck this night.  Most of this side of the fortress was clear, but we did find a room occupied by three Juggernauts of Khorne.  We pretty much should have been dead at this point in time.  I fired my missile launcher at them, and it did nothing.  Our weapon specialist’s krak grenades did some damage, so I took one when he got knocked out and threw it at the beasties.  The psyker hit them with confusion and bought us some time, then buffed all of us nearby.

As it turned out, the Juggernauts all took very minimal damage, but they took damage.  Because they all have Warp Instability, that means there is a chance they phase out if they don’t cause fear or injure a creature after they take damage.  Two of the three missed our Ogryn, and both of them went poof.

The rest of the fight was a blur, but somehow we took out the last Juggernaut, and survived.  Hey!  That means we’ll get out of this alive and having successfully completed a mission!

Then, as we were on our way out of the fortress, a massive horde of cultists stormed us.  Oh, and a badly placed smoke grenade  (is there any other kind) made us blind to where the bad guys were.  Before the grenade went off, I managed to hit with my last frag missile, and threw a few frag grenades blind.  I was the last line of defense before the cultists crashed into my friends, and I did so by taking so much critical damage that the blood slick I left behind slowed down the horde.

In the end, the cultists died, everybody else got extracted from the site, and I started rolling up my Ministorum Priest, Brother Cervantes.

Brother Cervantes was assigned to the regiment because they might have been exposed to Chaos, and the higher ups were concerned about the moral fiber of the group.  Brother Cervantes was a bit zealous about pointing out Sarge’s mutterings, we got our next assignment, and we got ready to head out.

The team got their mission gear, and found out that they accidentally received a box meant for the Inquisition.  And they opened it.  And found a neat sword with symbols that we have no idea belong to Slaanesh.  And a big old Chaos sonic weapon.

Thankfully, I was busy following a false lead that Sarge gave me when they were plundering Chaos.  The ratling is strongly thinking of turning over the crew, and the psyker is encouraging others to carry the gear without touching it themselves.

Did I mention that my Ministorum Priest has Hatred (Psykers)?  There is some tension.  I said a prayer over the regiment as we were about to ship out, and he tried to loudly out pray Brother Cervantes.  Oddly, Sarge seems much more reverent now that he got his new gear that Cervantes knows nothing about.

Thus we land on the roof of our next objective, armed with Chaos  (at least the Ogryn and the Sarge), and with a psyker that kind of wants me dead and likes leading others into temptation.  I am sure nothing will go wrong on this mission.

One comment

  • You left out the part where the Sgt immediately grabbed the sword and promptly failed to roll a negative 30 on a d100 thereby losing himself entirely to the demon weapon.


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