I Bought This Game and I’m Going to Play It Day at the Gopher (June 22, 2013)

Today was once again “I Bought This Game and I’m Going to Play It” day at Armored Gopher Games in Urbana, Illinois.  For anyone that hasn’t caught these entries before, this is the day that the FLGS sets aside, usually about once a month, for people to come in and play the games that they haven’t gotten to play, even though they just had to buy it when it was all shiny on the shelf staring at them.

Today I brought Sentinels of the Multiverse and Elder Sign.  What’s that you say, I’ve played Sentinels of the Multiverse plenty of times?  This is technically true.  However, I have yet to play all of the characters that were included in the expansions that I purchased, so I’m calling this one legal on a technicality.

We played Elder Sign first.  I love the Elder Sign app that I have for my tablet, and I have to confess, I picked this one up because I watched the game on Tabletop:

We had a lot of fun, and one of my friends lost his respect for Cthulhu because we defeated him. Of course, earlier in the game I got turned around on when monsters should show up and how terrors worked, so I’m pretty sure the early part of the game we got off easier than we should have.

Still, looking forward to getting to play it again, now that it seems like we got the rules down towards the end of the game.  Plus, that gives me an excuse to pick up the expansion at some point in time.

We moved on to Sentinels of the Multiverse.  With four players, we took Fanatic, Legacy, Expatriette, and NightMist versus Apostate in the Pike Industrial Complex.  It was a fairly lengthy fight.  Legacy went down.  Way too many artifacts came back into play.  I ended the session  (playing Fanatic) with 1 hit point, and Legacy’s player granted Expatriette’s player one extra power, which killed Apostate just after we wiped out his artifacts.  Man that felt like it went down to the wire.  Still loving this game, and I can’t wait to use the Shattered Timelines cards.

Next we played the Spirit of the Century Board Game, Race to Adventure.  For some reason, my brain was not processing the rules, although they are very simple, and even once I picked up on them, I just couldn’t force myself to actually apply them.  I did horribly, but we had fun playing the game.  I’ll admit, it didn’t do enough for me for me to want to pick the game up myself.  I’d play it again if someone else wished to do so.

Finally, we played the Evil Baby Orphanage card game from Wyrd Miniatures.  This game went by really fast.  As before, it took me a while to pick up on exactly what I was doing, but it started to fall into place for me just about the time that the game ended.  This one was just weird enough that, should I try it one more time with my head in the right place, I may end up snatching it.

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