A Galaxy Far, Far Away

I know this will come as a shock, but my gaming budget isn’t infinite.  Normally balancing game purchases isn’t too painful, because I may dabble in a lot of games, but only really follow releases of a few at a time, when I’m running or playing in a game of that type.

So this week I’m finding it painful that the old gaming budget was reading zero when Edge of the Empire showed up at the FLGS.  While I remember the initial comments by Fantasy Flight that the game would be out the first week of July, I also had seen some conjecture that it might fall to the second week, and at any rate, I hadn’t seen any hard numbers.

Because I had really overdone the XP in our Beta playtest, and because my friend is going off to school in August, we switched to Only War for a few months.  My plan was to snag Edge of the Empire as soon as it came out, read it thoroughly, and make sure I picked up on any changes or new rules in the final version of the book.

While I’m probably going to be able to pick this up next week, it just feels like I’m off schedule by not being able to snag this and assimilate it as soon as the product drops.  I’ll live, and in the long run it’s not much of a difference, but I really want to wrap my brain around the game, come up with a good set of ideas for campaigns, and be ready to go when our Only War game wraps up.

“Control, control, you must learn control!”

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