Introducing a Little Pandemonium (Marvel Heroic)

When I was a kid, I was so excited when I got in on the ground floor of a comic book series.  Sure, I’d follow already established series.  I couldn’t resist the draw of Spider-Man or Batman.  But I really felt connected to a series that I started with issue #1.   I got in on the ground floor of West Coast Avengers, and it was one of the comics I subscribed to using my hard earned weekend job money.

One of the oddest enemies introduced in West Coast Avengers was Master Pandemonium.  Here was a guy that sold his soul to Mephisto, but with a twist.  His limbs had been replaced with demons that were grafted onto him, and when he wanted to summon his minions, one of his limbs would come off and turn into a demon.

I always thought of Master Pandemonium fondly, but wondered what became of him, especially when I had drifted away from reading comics for a while.  Low and behold, he’s popped up again in Wolverine and the X-Men as one of the teachers at the Hellfire Academy.

In my Civil War Marvel Heroic game, I wanted to replace the scene with Titanium Man with someone that wasn’t hired by Tony to make the heroes look good. I also wanted to get more supernatural villains in the event, since one of my players is running Doctor Strange, and Thor is also on the team.  Thus, I threw Master Pandemonium at Washington D.C.

Since I went to the trouble of throwing him at my players, I thought it was only fair if I unleashed the stats I used on my blog.

Master Pandemonium


Solo          d8
Buddy       d6
Team        d10


Fragmented Soul
Pawn of Mephisto
Obsessive Sorcerer

Power Sets

Hellbound Sorcery

Flight d8          Hellfire Blast d10     Sorcery d10

SFX  Area Attack.  For each additional target add a d6 to your pool and keep an additional effect die.

SFX  Multipower.  Add an additional die from this power set.  For each additional die added beyond the first, step back each die from this power set.

Limit  Hellbound.  Change a power from this power set into a complication to add a die to the Doom Pool.  Recover during a transition scene.

Demonic Minions

Horde  d8

SFX  Demonic Hordes.  Step up a Compromised Body complication to add a d8 to this power set.  Whenever this power set is used in a dice pool, the number of minions is considered enough to allow the use of the Team affiliation.

Limit  Bound to Pandemonium.  This power set can be reduced in the same manner as a mob. The Compromised Body complication steps back the same way stress does, unless Master Pandemonium is cut off from the demonic planes whence his limbs spawn from.


Cosmic Expert  d8     Mystic Expert  d8     Psyche Expert  d8     Menace Expert  d8     Business Expert  d8

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