Who is Crime’s Favorite Tackling Dummy? (Marvel Heroic)

I’m not sure I can do justice to the origin of NFL SuperPro, just known as SuperPro these days, when guys like Stilt Man talk about beating him up off panel.  But he hasn’t always been a jobber hero for third rate villains.  No sir.  This man had a book where he got to team up with Spider-Man and Captain America, fighting diabolical villains like Instant Replay.

Phillip Grayfield was a mild mannered sports reporter and former NFL benchwarmer who happened to visit a mad scientist that was also a football enthusiast.  Said mad scientist showed Phil the ultimate in multi-million dollar football powered armor, which, as designed, could only ever fit one guy, so as to make the wearer appear more special.  Like Thor’s hammer, but also a huge waste of money.

I bet, if you didn’t know any better, you would think that good old Phil just donned the “one owner from that point on” suit of football armor and became a hero.  Ah, if only his origin were that simple.  You see, the mad scientist also had random mutagenic fluids sitting around near his prototype football armor and sports memorabilia.  When OJ Simpson broke in to steal back his sports memorabilia, the mutagen spilled on Phil, giving him superhuman strength and speed.

Okay, I made up the part about this being part of OJ’s robbery case, but just think, after Age of Ultron, it might be true!

I digress.

Apparently the criminals in question were part of some strange cult that hates sports memorabilia, or maybe they were pissed off about one too many NFL strikes, because instead of stealing the uber valuable stuff, they set it on fire.  Phil dons the armor of super hero redundancy and becomes a double super hero!

Noteworthy moments in Phil’s career as SuperPro were those moments when he realized that drugs are bad, staying in school is good, and coming up with villains that having a tenuous link to football is hard.  Eventually he dropped out of the public eye, until Robert Kirkman had Stilt Man beat him up off panel.

With a resume like that, I know what you are thinking.  “When can I play him in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying?”

Well that answer is:  TODAY!



Solo       d10
Buddy    d6
Team     d8


Indistinct NFL Career
Pose for the Cameras


Super Athletic Mutagenics

Superhuman Strength d10     Superhuman Stamina  d10     Enhanced Speed  d8     Superhuman Reflexes  d10

SFX  Tackle.  Against a single opponent, double a Super Athletic Mutagenics trait and remove the highest rolling die to add three dice to your total.

Limit  Old Football Injury.  Turn a Super Athletic Mutagenics trait into a complication to gain 1 pp.  Recover by participating in a transition scene.

Multi-million Dollar Football Armor

Superhuman Durability d10     Cybernetic Senses d6

SFX  Max Protect.  Spend a plot point to take the physical stress for another character.

Limit  Down by Contact.  When taking physical stress, shut down highest rated Multi-million Dollar Football Armor power trait to gain 1 pp.  Regain during a transition scene or by activating an opportunity.


Acrobatic Expert  d8     Combat Expert d8     Menace Expert  d8



You were in the NFL . . . for a while.  You were on your way to being a well known superhero . . . for a while.

1 XP  When you tell someone your origin story or an exploit from your past, and they either accuse you of lying or being high, or both.

3 XP  When your action succeeds so well that others are surprised at your level of competence, or when you fail so miserably that you feel moved to apologize for your performance.

10 XP  When you stop a major threat in the company of other superheroes and they either decide to officially induct you onto their team, or they politely make excuses for why you should team up with other people.

A Product of His Environment

When all you have is football armor, everything looks like a tackling dummy.

1 XP  When you use a football term in a fight or stressful situation.

3 XP  When you create a strategic asset for an ally by using what you learned playing football.

10 XP  When you either decide that you are tired of being associated with football and you change your name and the theme of your gear, or you decide to take some time off from being a superhero to teach at risk youth how to play football . . . and be a superhero.

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  • Wow… I had no idea this character ever existed, sir.Kudos for pulling out a \”gem\” from the vaults of time.You know, the vault that wasn't quite buried deep enough… =P


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