The Avenging Fists of Avitar Strike! (Only War, July 18th, 2013)

After multiple TPKs with our previous regiment, we all decided it was time to start over with a brand new one.  Thus was born our Penitent Legion, the Avenging Fists of Avitar, named after the agriworld that we originated upon.  Our team’s job is to show up, break things, and make sure other people can get in and break things even better than we can.

Nothing sneaky, nothing too complicated.

I will fully admit, I’m not as familiar with the rest of the team this time out because, unfortunately, I missed the character creation session and had to make my Field Chirurgeon in a vacuum.  Now, since we’re nearing the end of the time when my friend can run Only War, this new team started out with 4000 XP, so that we could take advantage of some of the options in Hammer of the Emperor before we’re done again for a while.

I know we have a Heavy Weapons specialist, an Operator, a Breacher, a Sentry, a Sharpshooter, a Weapon Specialist, a Sanctioned Psyker, and my Field Chirurgeon.  I just don’t know their names or personalities as well as I would have liked before we started out.

We were dropped with a Chimera to transport us to a city where we needed to blow a hole in the wall and shine a targeting laser on a structure to be blown away from above.  We weren’t the only team, and our opposition was going to be orks.  Fairly straightforward.

On the way to the city we needed to breach, our Chimera got banged up pretty good by a gang of orks with a buggy and some bikes, and our Sharpshooter was affected by one of the Psyker’s powers and dove out of the Chimera during the fight.  Also, the Psyker’s companion needed to shoot him to calm him down, but I’m pretty good at patching people up, and thus did so.

After our Operator and the Breacher got the Chimera running again, we ran into another ork vehicle, a Battle Wagon, and we slowed down to deal with it.  There was some discussion about trying to outrun it, but our Chimera had been banged up a bit, so we stood our ground, and the Psyker eventually caused the orks to all kill each other . . . but not before the orks fired a canon right up our open hatch, sending half of our crew into critical damage.

I can’t do much about the critical damage, but man an I good at giving them wounds back.  I hardly even noticed that pesky heavily wounded condition or the critical injuries, even though I can’t really help with any of them.

Eventually we ran into some civilians.  I gave them a week’s rations, and the Operator confiscated another week’s worth from the rest of the team and handed them out, and I treated their wounds.  I even used a fate point to do so, so as not to accidentally kill or maim anyone with that 99 I rolled on my Medicae test.

We found out the orks had enslaved the humans to help build their monstrous city that we were about to go help bomb, so we waved at the civilians and headed our merry way.

As it turns out, the rest of the assault teams showed up faster having not had half of their Chimera blown off in a fight as soon as they showed up on the planet, and the siege was already underway.  We stopped there for the night, all ready and willing to blow open some holes and take on a few more orks.  Hopefully the Chimera survives.  Oh, and the other guardsmen too.

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