All Roads Lead to Moon Knight (Marvel Heroic, July 28th, 2013)

The road to Civil War leads ever on.  For anyone interested in seeing the campaign first hand, here is the YouTube video of the last session of the event:

The highlights of the night included the following:

  • Wonder Man, Speed, Wiccan, Wolverine, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Hawkeye  (Kate Bishop) showed up at Stamford to help with the cleanup.  Most of them were emotionally effected by what they saw, and at the end of the day, Speed got into a shouting match with some of the anti-hero protesters that showed up.
  • Ms. Marvel’s team went after Moon Knight to bring him to justice.  Moon Knight set up a whole apartment complex as a trap for them.  Ms. Marvel’s team went after Moon Knight on the night of a Full Moon.
  • To everyone’s surprise, Atlantean agents stormed the apartment building to aid Moon Knight.  Moon Knight nearly took out Ms. Marvel with his traps, Spider-Woman failed to deactivate the traps, Moon Knight “counter webbed” Spider-Man with one of his traps, and Hulk, Thor, and Luke Cage took out most of the Atlantean commandos.
  • Moon Knight dropped the floor out of the apartment, and because of Hulk’s entrance, the weakened structure collapses completely.  Moon Knight escaped in his Moon Copter  (because half the team coming after him opened a hole in the roof.  Moon Knight snagged Janus, the Atlantean commander, as he left.
  • Doctor Strange headed to an ARMOR detention facility at Project Pegasus to investigate Master Pandemonium’s escape.  While there, Loki attempted to talk with the group.  Wiccan and Hawkeye (Clint Barton) were all over interrogating him, but Loki started to get to Wiccan, and Doctor Strange created a barrier that made it impossible for the group to see or hear Loki, so that he couldn’t exert any undue influence over them.
  • Wiccan cast a spell that told him some kind of magical artifact was used for brute force, not native spellcasting, and Tigra could smell the telltale remnants of Asgardian magic in the area.
Iron Man, at Project Pegasus–“I’m not playing Good Cop, I actually don’t think we should torture the prisoner.”
I’m pretty happy with how the event is moving along. We’ve got some bits in place that I can use as the Watcher to personalize the event.  Now I just need to start moving the event closer to resolving Act One so we can get to the heart of all of the conflict, and figure out if my ideas for Act Three  (which, IMHO, is the weakest part of Civil War) will work out in a satisfying manner.

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