Marvel Heroic, the Lost Session (Not Really), Civil War Act One Final Session (August 12th, 2013)

For those of you following along at home, yeah, I lost track of what sessions I had summarized and which ones I had not, and didn’t realize I didn’t post a summary of the final session of Act One of Civil War.  It was a doozy.
  • There was a rally in favor of the SHRA organized by Miriam Sharpe.  Captain America and Doctor Strange called for calm, and Speed and X-23 made most of the crowd afraid of mutants.
  • Nova came home from space in the middle of the rally and shockingly learned what had happened from the Worldmind when accessing Earth news feeds.
  • Atlantean Agent Janus had a meeting with Moon Knight, explaining that Moon Knight was descended from Atlanteans and asking him for advice on forming a revenge squad to avenge the blood of the Atlantean Royal Family at the request of Namor.
  • Maria Hill called the Avengers to the SHIELD One Hellicarrier and informed Captain America that he no longer had Champion Level Agent status, as it had been revoked by the Security Council, and thus the Avengers had no official standing.
  • Hill also showed the team video of Spider-Woman handing the Shi’ar bomb components to an unknown figure, and attempted to arrest her.
  • Most of the team tried to talk her down, but Hawkeye, who just signed up as a SHIELD agent, attempted to subdue her with lots of explosive arrows.
  • The Capekiller team that opened fire on Spider-Woman caused SHIELD One to crash into the bay, very publicly.  Captain America took offence at Hill’s recklessness and unwillingness to hear Jessica out.
  • Maria Hill issued a statement declaring Spider-Woman and Captain America as fugitives since they resisted Jessica’s arrest.  Both went on the run, and were blamed for the crash of the hellicarrier.
  • A  fairly stringent and restrictive SHRA was passed, leaving a lot of the definitions and enforcement to SHIELD.

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