Registration Day and Beyond (Marvel Heroic 8-26-13)

Our most recent Marvel Heroic game moved into Act 2 of the event, starting off with the players chatting with Maria Hill the day before everyone needed to be registered by midnight.  If you care to watch the shenanigans yourselves, you can see the video of the session here:

Highlights include the following:

  • Iron Man and his new assistant Kitty Pryde began setting up a foundation for helping and training those affected by the Registration Act, hoping to turn the law into a more positive thing.
  • Maria Hill attempted to convince Spider-Man to unmask to ease public worry, and tried to pick out a new uniform for Ms. Marvel based on image consultants.
  • Several registered Avengers showed up at a meeting of B and C List heroes that had been brought together in a sting operation by Mister Fantastic and Yellowjacket.  Ms. Marvel attempts to calming get them to register, Iron Man attempts to get them to do whatever they are going to do peacefully  (and hands out holographic cards for his new foundation), Kitty spooks them by walking through a wall, and Hawkeye, leading the SHIELD team sent to bust the group, intimidates the group of cornered heroes.
  • The same registered Avengers attempt to talk Thor into registering while he is playing cards with the Thing.  Thor is uninterested in human laws, but signs because Luke Cage managed the unthinkable feat of defeating in an arm wrestling contest.
  • A riot breaks out at the X Mansion because of mutants that are afraid registration will require them to be conscripted into violent military or law enforcement duties, bringing with it memories of Genosha.  The Sentinels on the grounds attempt to stop them.
  • Moon Knight arrives as an emissary for Namor, looking for vengeance seeking heroes.  The assembled heroes tries to calm the rioters and the Sentinels, but after a fight, some of the rioters are dead and Spider-Man, not realizing the Sentinels were being piloted by people, causes a pilot to be badly burned when he gums up the Sentinel’s flamethrowers.
  • Iron Man attempts to arrest Moon Knight, again, but Wonder Man steps in to calm Tony down, even though Wonder Man is registered, because he’s seen too much bloodshed already, and just wants it to stop.  He argues with Tony while Moon Knight and X-23 leave to meet up with Namor.
  • Wonder Man decides to do a press conference to advocate that mutants be freed from the X-Mansion “protective zone” and be assured that they won’t be conscripted into service.
Really enjoyable session.  The stakes definitely seem to be rising, between the rioter deaths and Spider-Man’s actions, and the inter hero heat is certainly there, even among characters that are ostensibly on the same side.

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