Star Wars Episode One . . . No, Wait, Don’t Leave, I Don’t Mean That One (Edge of the Empire Team Aurek, 8-29-13)

My new Star Wars:  Edge of the Empire campaign is a little different than what I’ve done in the past.  I’m running it on back to back Thursdays, with two separate groups.  Both groups work for the same employer, and what one group does will affect the campaign for the other group.  Ultimately their boss is looking to find just the right team for a very special job, and giving both teams a few tasks to perform to see where their strengths lie.

Their employer is Sir Cid Ybom, a Herglic Tapani Knight that purchased his title so that he could more effectively do business within the Empire.  Cid’s business is Honest Cid’s Outer Rim Transport, located in the Polis Massa system, as part of an established Imperial supply and refueling base that also rents out space to local businesses.

Team Aurek consists of people in the local jail on Terminus, a crossroads planet in the Outer Rim that sees lots of traffic from Wild Space settlements as well as a few curiosities from the Unknown Regions.  The team was bailed out by a bounty hunter that does some work for Cid, and that’s where our fun begins.

Dramatis Personae:

Drifter–Drifter doesn’t respect boundaries, dislikes “the man,” and wanders where he will, but he is concerned about his family.

Katya–Way back in her youth, Katya was a marginal padawan.  The Clone Wars happened, she hid, became a hard drinking scoundrel, and sitting the in jail cell, realizes that maybe she should look back on the things she was taught in her youth.

Prawn–A recurring character from my previous EotE beta game, Prawn is deeply in debt and deeply paranoid.  He’s a rodian that has felt human oppression up close, and is ever the pragmatist.

Max–Max is a pro-Imperial card carrying COMPNOR member that has a tendency to fall in with a bad crowd.  Max can be a bit of a zealot, but genuinely wants what is best for non-humans, he’s just sure that non-humans are all inferior to  humans.

Tor’warr–Tor’warr has toured the illegal gladitorial circuit and well as doing some more conventional fighting.  He’s an white furred Wookiee that not only embodies Wookiee stereotypes, but embraces them.  He’s also a walking affirmation of Max’s thoughts on non-humans.

Hightlights of the night include the following:

  • Tor’warr nearly gets into a fight with the Trandoshan whose arm he ripped off in a bar fight when the Trandoshan is brought into the station.
  • Max talks a swoop gang out of harassing the party by telling them to be an example to other humans.  They listen to him, but apply the lesson as being told they should harass only non-human offworlders, but the gang moves along and doesn’t harm the party.
  • Katya hears about a Force Sensitive con artist that is bilking people out of large sums of credits.  The rest of the group is waiting for the bounty hunter to pick up his ship and fly them away, so are not concerned, but Katya and Tor’warr go off to investigate.
  • Katya wants to talk the con artist out of his evil ways, but Tor’warr’s insistent grip sets the dark side user off, and a fight ensues.  Katya and Tor’warr get some bumps and bruises, the force user died, and they hustle down the block to meet up with the bounty hunter that bailed them out before the local authorities could further investigate.
  • A representative of the 501st is stationed on Polis Massa, and Max is enamored of him, having Drifter take holovids of them together and asking for his autograph.
  • The team gets their own YT-1300 and a job to run parts to a lost Czerka facility where the locals worship the observation computer as a god.
  • The locals cannot get married or chose a mate unless one of the “sky people” approve the match, so Max volunteers while the parts get delivered to the computer, who is paying for the parts, and asking not to reveal it’s location to the Czerka corporation.
  • A riot starts because of Max’s match making skills.  Tor’warr is caught out in the open and won’t back down.  Max jumps in the ship and opens fire, missing the crowd and damaging the protective dome to the city.  
  • Prawn and Drifter remove the observation computer’s restrictive programming, allowing it to reveal  (or not) that it is not divine to the people and make decisions based on free will instead of Czerka directives.  
  • Tor’warr is nearly killed by the mob of disgruntled miners, suffering multiple criticals, including a serve blow to the head reducing his intellect, and a dangerous wound that causes him strain whenever he takes any actions.  
  • Prawn repairs the protective dome to the city before a Slivilith can fly in and wreak havoc.
  • The party has a hyperspace malfunction on the way home, and takes some damage to the ship due to an ion storm.  Their navicomputer blows out, but thankfully they find some extra parts in the hold that they can use to repair it, and they arrive home at Polis Massa.
Post Script:  I had meant to mention it, but the subplot with the former padawan was based on that character’s obligation.  I really liked that, and was a little disappointed that no one’s obligation came up in the next game.

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