Oh, Robocop . . .

So, first off, I want this to be good.  I love Robocop, and I really like the ensemble of actors they have for this movie.

But I have my doubts.  I don’t want to do any preemptive poo pooing, but there are some warning signs for me.  If people have counter points, hey, I’ll listen.  As an FBI agent said once, I want to believe.

Here are my warning signs.  In the original movie, Murphy was legally dead.  There was hardly anything left of him.  Part of the development of the character was seeing how much was actually left of Murphy, and seeing how well he could express himself given his mechanical nature.

But it looks like Murphy is very clearly intact from the get go here.  The question that comes up in this trailer seems to be not how much of Murphy is left or how human he is, but how much he is being manipulated and controlled.

That’s a dramatic tonal shift, and pretty nearly qualifies for a brand new character, if you start from the assumption of “yes” when it comes to asking if his humanity is intact.

The other shift I can’t quite wrap my head around is just the environments in the movie.  The city may look like a real world city, but the board rooms and the operating theater and everything else looks so super high tech and futuristic.

Maybe it will be used to good effect, but it looks like there is a dramatic divide between “corporate” world and “real” world, instead of making the whole thing look like it could happen next week, the way the original Robocop did.

I’m kind of concerned that, if the “corporate” world looks so far removed from the “real” world, instead of questioning things that could happen next week or next month in a real boardroom, the tension of the movie will be resisting the corporate invaders from future world.

But, seriously, I want this to be good.  Robocop is right up there with Back to the Future and Ghostbusters, and just a little behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones when it comes to formative movies embedded deep within my fragile 80s psyche.


  • Man, it just bugs me that nothing original comes out of Hollywood anymore…at least as far as \”quality blockbusters.\”Ah, well. I rewrite D&D for fun…who am I to talk?


  • My wife and I saw the new Robocop trailer and we're both excited about it. That said it bugged me that they changed Murphy's accident to a car bombing instead of a gang shooting. Also, the idea that his wife didn't know what had happened to him, that he effectively had no rights and was experimented upon freely was a big point in the original; this one seems to have them seeking her authorization to change him into Robocop. It still looked like it could be very good, though.


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