Civil War Marches On! (Marvel Heroic, 8-23-13)

The second session of Act II of Civil War was pushed back a bit due to some pet related issues on my part.  Now that we are back on track, the group had their second session of Act II.  For those of you playing along at home, if you would like to watch the shenanigans, there are chronicles here on YouTube:

Highlights of the evening included the following:

  • Maria Hill warned Spider-Man that General Lazar of the ONE was going to bring charges on him for the Sentinel pilot that was burned at the X-Mansion.
  • Spidey and Maria got into a bit of a disagreement, and she gave Spidey 24 hours to turn himself over for either a public trial or a SHIELD tribunal.
  • Spidey called an emergency Avengers meeting and invited Cyclops and Beast as well, so the total roster of attendees was Hank Pym, Iron Man, Thor, Ms. Marvel, Tigra, Hawkeye  (Kate Bishop), Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, and Beast.
  • The active duty Avengers voted on a new chairman now that Cap is a fugitive, and Ms. Marvel won handily, with only Hank Pym voting for Hank Pym.
  • Spidey decided to unmask rather than being forced to do so, and Iron Man arranged to move Aunt May and Mary Jane to Avengers tower where they would be safe from anyone.
  • Nearly the entire group agreed that while they could see the use for an SHRA, none of them (with one exception) were happy with the implementation and wanted to work hard on modifying the law.
  • Hank Pym gave an passionate speech about working with SHIELD and giving the law a chance to work once everyone was settled into place and registered or in custody.  Cyclops was especially wary of anything being run by the government and was contemptuous of the Avengers and their lack of concern when these issues were only presented to mutants.
  • Spidey has Iron Man help him set up a press conference to reveal his identity to the world, and he does so, and General Lazar shows up at the press conference to confront Spidey and to make him look as bad as possible before the trial.
  • After Spidey and Lazer go at it a bit, and Kitty Pryde and Tony show their support of Spidey, Deadpool shows up at the press conference and shoots himself in the head with two guns after Lazar and Spidey discuss how serious footage of someone being shot in the face might be.
  • Ms. Marvel attempts to take Deadpool off stage, but he teleports away and causes Carol to injure herself as she slams into the wall full force.
  • General Lazar is so traumatized by Deadpool’s display that he opens fire on the Merc with a Mouth, and gets arrested and carted away from the press conference, unable to press charges on Spider-Man, at the very least pending a psyche evaluation.
This was a very fun session.  We ended up with several roleplaying heavy transition scenes in a row, because we were missing Cap’s player, and we needed to advance the story without cutting to Cap’s meeting with Madam Hydra.
I was worried at first with the number of RP scenes in a row, but everyone really had good ideas on how to elaborate their character’s point of view, or at least had a good idea of how they would react to other ideas being presented.
One of the things I really like is that our group is less “Pro-Registration” and “Anti-Registration,” and more “Fix it from the Inside,” or “Tear it Down from the Outside,” with a bit of “Ignore It and Keep Doing What You Were Doing Before” thrown in for good measure.

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