Honest Cid’s Outer Rim Transport, Tales of Team Aurek, Episode II (Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, 8-12-13)

Just a wee bit behind on the recaps for the Edge of the Empire games, due in no small part to the fact that I’m running them weekly, even if each team is only present every other week.  Excuses firmly in place, let’s jump to the recap for the second adventure of Team Aurek.

  • Tor’waar the Wookiee is is bad shape with lots of crits, and Cid tells Tor’Waar if he’ll do some side jobs for free, Cid will cover the cost of the two day Bacta soak it will take to get him up and running again  (+5 obligation, Favor to Cid).
  • Cid gives the team a job escorting someone from Nar Shaddaa to his new home on a hidden planet in Wild Space.  It’s just a simple relocation job.  Really.
  • Traffic control on Nar Shaddaa attempts to set the team up for an ambush, but they are a bit too wary for that, and they land safely at the client’s apartment complex.
  • The client tells the team he doesn’t need them and apologizes, but the team sees him being stuffed into an airspeeder at the far end of the landing bay for the apartment complex.
  • The team chases the airspeeder full of bounty hunters through the streets of Nar Shaddaa with a YT-1300.  The YT-1300 keeps up easily, but loses a few points of hull trauma from slamming into buildings from time to time during the chase.
  • Katya and Tor’waar attempt to open the boarding ramp and grab the client from the airspeeder.  This doesn’t work at first, but the lead bounty hunter is knocked out of the speeder and is being pulled behind by a cable.
  • The lead bounty hunter auto fires on Katya and Tor’waar, injuring them both, but Tor’waar manages to cut the cable and the hunter goes careening a few miles through the air.
  • The group finally retrieves the client, and Prawn spins the ship on its axis and sets the rest of the hunters on fire using the engines of the YT-1300 as a weapon.
  • In the space outside of Nar Shaddaa, before the Broken Blade can make the jump to lightspeed, an Imperial Shuttle hails the ship and asks for the “Moff’s son” back.  Drifter, being a conspiracy theorist, has an idea that the shuttle might be ISB.
  • Prawn nearly has a nervous breakdown upon realizing that their client is a Moff’s son, and the group questions him on why he is running from his father.  He doesn’t want to go to the academy on Carida, and would rather live a life of luxury, so he stole lots of credits and created a false identity until he could safely relocate.
  • The group jumps to Tatooine to throw the shuttle off their trail, then makes another jump to the world they were originally heading to in Wild Space.
  • The team sets up a contact on this world that knows how to get melee weapons with little trouble, the team helps the Moff’s son buy some new goods, and they head home.
  • The team knows that the planet is an uncharted world populated by Expansion Region refugees from justice, often corporate employees that embezzled enough to get themselves off the grid.
This was a fun session.  I’d have to say my own personal high lights were the lead bounty hunter dangling from the speeder while still trying to fire on the PCs, the fact that they decided to use the YT-1300 to chase an airspeeder through Nar Shaddaa, and Prawn’s reaction to finding out their client was the son of an Imperial Moff.

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