Honest Cid’s Outer Rim Transport, Tales of Team Aurek, Episode III (Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG, 9-26-13)

And now our most recent outing with Team Aurek.  What a night.

  • Cid gives the team a job picking up and bringing to safety miners from Kurrium IV whose sun is going to set off a solar flare that will melt anyone organic left on the planet in 60 days.  He tells them they should rent the Meat Wagon, a medium transport owned by Rivvik Lim on Cadomai Prime, which has been retrofitted to carry lots of people in it’s cargo hold.
  • Tor’waar gets a fan letter across the Holonet that laments that he doesn’t do more gladiator gigs these days, and wonders if he is getting old.
  • On Cadomai Prime, most of the party goes after Rivvik Lim to rent the Meat Wagon, and finds out that he was helping to transport slaves to freedom, so the ship is in mothballs because its been bugged by Imperials.
  • Tor’waar and Max set up a gladitorial match for the tourists at one of the resorts on Cadomai Prime, originally a fight with a rancor, but Max quietly, “for his own good,” gets the fight bumped down to a gundark.
  • Tor’waar defeats the gundark handily, and calls for the promoters to set loose the rancor and let him fight that as well.  Tor’waar doesn’t do as well against the rancor, and nearly dies.
  • Max and Katya jump into the ring to save Tor’waar, Prawn takes out his rifle to shoot the beast, and Drifter knocks a bloodthirsty tourist into the arena after the tourist chastises Prawn for helping Tor’waar.
  • The tourist runs towards the rancor’s cage, and Katya somewhat inadvertently uses the Force to convince the rancor that he is interested in other food than Tor’waar, in this case, the tourist, which ti chases after.
  • Prawn hires some extra crew to managed the Meat Wagon, and the group sets out for Kurrium IV.  Drifter ends up there first, and finds out that the Mining Guild administrator doesn’t want to upset the local Moff by refusing his offer to relocate the miners, so he’s going to wait, even though Cid and his contact are fairly certain the Empire doesn’t have any evacuation ships planned.
  • Prawn and the rest of the team arrives, and they notice a device on the far side of the planet, which appears to be heavily shielded and sending a stream of energy into the star.  Drifter accesses his vast knowledge of conspiracy theories, and wonders if this isn’t an Imperial weapons test of some sort, and the star’s super flare isn’t man made.
  • The Mining Guild administrator is more afraid of the Moff than he is his workers or the party, and refuses to let them evacuate the miners.  Drifter is trying to talk sense into him, when Tor’waar draws his swords and advances on the security guards.
  • A fight ensues. Once the wookiee kills three of the guards, the Mining Guild guards attempt to use grenades, but it doesn’t go well.  Tor’waar tries to kill one of the Mining Guild guards that has surrendered, but is talked out of it, and the Mining Guild Administrator is killed, since he’s terrified of the wookiee and panics, firing on Prawn.
  • Tor’waar rips the arms off of all of the defeated security guards, and when the miners see this, it becomes more difficult to round up the miners to evacuate them.
  • Eventually everyone calms down, and Cid’s contact uses the local droids to clean up the mess.  It takes a bit of effort, but after almost 60 days, the miners are evacuated on either the Broken Blade or the Meat Wagon to Terminus.
  • Tor’waar asks Drifter for the video of him killing the Mining Guild guards, puts it up on the Holonet, and leaves a message that he’s busy working doing this kind of thing, which is why he hasn’t been dong gladitorial fights lately.
The gladitorial fights took up a bit more time than I had originally intended, and we had a bit of a side encounter when it became evident that the group would have to convince the miners to go along with the rest of the team after the arm ripping.  As such, I kind of rushed my last minute “short cut that his more dangerous” angle for the Meat Wagon to get an extra trip into Terminus than it normally would have gotten to make.

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