Honest Cid’s Outer Rim Transport, Tales of Team Besh, Episode II (Edge of the Empire RPG, 9-19-13)

Because the skills of Team Besh seem to run towards the subtle more than Team Aurek’s, and because they had a lower total Obligation, making them less galactic pariahs than Team Aurek, Team Besh got the “diplomatic” mission to the Tapani Sector to rub shoulders with Sir Cid Ybom’s sponsors in House Cadriaan, along with other Tapani nobles.

Here’s how it went.

  • Cid tells the team that he wants them to attend a gathering of Tapani Knights in the Tapani sector as his envoys, but he also mentions that it would be great for business if they could get the patrol patterns and customs information for Imperial Customs from one of the Imperial aligned houses, either House Mercetti or Melantha.
  • Cid tells them to try and talk Mundo Korr into letting them borrow his yacht so they can make a better entrance.  Mundo misunderstands and thinks he is being invited to go to the gala himself, and agrees.
  • Dia and Tiberius attempt to help Mundo become a bit more socially acceptable, as the rough and tumble old bounty hunter is a little . . . uncultured.
  • Garner Mav has some friends that want to know if he can help with curtailing the slave trade, and wonder if he can get some information from House Barnaba.  He sets about picking up some spice and being ready to look for the most hedonistic member of the entourage.
  • Garner recruits Dia and Krill to help him with his side job of curtailing the Barnaba slave trade.
  • The group arrives two days before most of the delegates, but the House Barnaba folk are already in place.  Garner plies the youngest member of the house with spice, and he rambles on and on to Dia and Garner while Krill slices the ship’s records, and the group is done with their clandestine business by the time the older member of House Barnaba kicks them off the ship.
  • When House Mercetti shows up, they have a full fledged military shuttle with a Nova Trooper honor guard.  House Melantha is a bit upset, because they only have Stormtroopers for their honor guards.  The team decides to get the Imperial information from House Melantha’s ship.
  • T3 shorts out the boarding ramp controls for House Melantha’s ship, and the Stormtroopers let him on the ship, since the rest of the team have repainted him to look like a House Cadriaan service droid.  He gets the information he needs and also fixes the boarding ramp controls.
  • Tiberius gets into an duel with a member of House Calipsa, and actually wins it.  Dia is upset, because she was insulted leading up to the duel, and likely would have humiliated the House Calipsa Saber Rake.  Garner wins a new style dueling sword from House Barnaba due to the outcome of the duel.
  • The compound is locked down as a small fleet of low end capital ships enter the system, which turn out to be Zann Consortium Defilers raiding the party to steal House Mercetti’s Gladiator Class Star Destroyer as well as ransom the various Tapani Knights in attendance.
  • Krill slices open the doors that lead to the service garage, where the freighters are kept, away from the Knight’s ships on the main landing platform.
  • Zann Defilers are guarding the ships in the freighter bay, but each team member attempts to avoid them in various ways.  Several of them point out that they have a clear shot straight to the other nobles in the dining room, Krill orders some load lifters to put some obstacles in the way of the Defilers, and Dia stealthily shivs a few of the Defliers outside of the ship without anyone noticing her.
  • The party escapes the planet on a House Cadriaan YT-2400, but then has to avoid a Zann Consortium Corellian Gunship in orbit.
  • To get away from the gunship, T3 makes a blind hyperspace jump without a specific set of coordinates.
  • The party ends up in a system with a black hole, and T3 narrowly gets them away from the singularity before they are sucked in and destroyed.  Dia, his best friend up to this point, kicks him hard for the blind jumping stunt.
  • The party winds up safe and sound at a refueling depot in the Tapani sector.  Mundo’s ship, the Retirement Party, was destroyed in the attack by the Zann Consortium, and he’s crushed.
This session was a lot of fun. Lots of thinking outside of the box to solve the problems presented to the team.  Not much in the way of combat, in part because once the more elaborate plans and roleplaying took place, it was better to use the quick resolution rules in EotE to get back to what was about to happen next.
And long term readers of the blog might notice that the small fleet of low end capital ships that the Zann Consortium were using in this adventure came from the help provided to the Zann Consortium by the PCs that played in the EotE Beta campaign a few months ago.

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