Catching Up with Honest Cid (Team Aurek, Edge of the Empire 10-10-13)

What was Team Aurek doing while Team Besh was fighting pirates on a locked down space station?  Well, tension was running pretty high from the Force sensitive exile using her powers fairly publicly on Cadomai Prime, the group finding a top secret Imperial weapons test, and Tor’Waar killing Mining Guild guards and posting the images to the Holonet for his fans.

Cid determined it might be time to do some damage control.  A quick call to Dia so that he could use her hunter’s license to hire some mercenaries, and the night was off with a bang.

  • Cid had the team use the “back door,” and warned them to “fly casual” so that the Imperial patrols in the system wouldn’t look too closely at them.  This is something they haven’t had to do before.
  • Cid had the buffet set up for the team, but then slowly tried to take members of the team out of the room before “things” could happen.  Most of the team left, but Prawn was extremely paranoid, and Max . . .
  • Max was asked by Cid to stay in the room to keep Tor’Waar calm, since the two are “so close.”
  • Krevs, the Trandoshan mercenary that Tor’Waar tangled with on Terminus, came into the room with his team armed with force pikes to haul off Tor’Waar to collect a bounty for the Mining Guild, which Cid had set up so that he and Dia would get a kick back.
  • Prawn dove behind the buffet table and flipped it over while the mercenaries stunned Tor’Waar into unconsciousness, but not before Tor’Waar dove at Krevs and knocked him senseless in one blow.
  • Cid talked to Katya about calling in some favors to bury any investigation of her potential use of the Force, and warned her to be more careful.
  • Cid sent the team to Raxus Prime to rest and relax and to lie low while the heat around their recent activities started to vent a bit.
  • Coming out of hyperspace into the system near Raxus Prime, Prawn bumped a TIE fighter on patrol around the Sienar facility above the planet, but the patrol commander just reprimanded the pilot for being out of formation and apologized to Prawn for the incident.
  • On Raxus Prime, Katya was drawn to the “Junk Temple” constructed by Kazdan Paratus, and the group runs into a thousand year old assassin droid that agrees to join them.  He is upset that the Jedi did nothing for droid rights in the time since the battle of Ruusan.
  • Katya accepts a whole lot of Obligation for getting a chance to absorb some of the knowledge left behind by the psychic impression of Kazdan Paratus.
  • The group finds out that Cid’s friend on Raxus Prime has been kidnapped by “savages,” and they survive an attack by a relatively sneaky Dianoga which Prawn sees and warns the party about.
  • The “savages” turn out to be a band of jawas that, like Cid’s friend, have been squeezed out of their traditional scavenging areas by Sienar.  Although the assassin droid kills a few of the jawas, in the end, Prawn negotiates a truce and a trade agreement between the factions with Max’s help.
  • Thankfully this avoids the fight with the walker that the jawas have reassembled to help defend their home.
The flip side of Team Besh having a combat heavy session, diplomacy played a big part in this session, and Prawn, lovable, paranoid, willing to hide the body Rodian that he is was key to that diplomacy.

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