Catching Up with Honest Cid (Team Besh), the Beginning (Edge of the Empire, 10-3-2013)

When last we saw Team Besh, they were landing on the Skymaster V22 R3 Station in the the Tapani sector after their harrowing escape from both Zann Consortium raiders and a black hole.  Things could only get better from that set of circumstances, correct?

Team Besh checked in at the station, and then all Hell broke lose.

  • Dia almost flashed her bounty hunter’s license so that the party wouldn’t have to give up their weapons, or at least so she wouldn’t have to do so, but then Tiberius bribed the official and everyone walked right in.  Except Doctor Smith, who ran all of his weapons back to the ship before he could witness the bribe.
  • Dia and Mundo spent some quality time at a weapon shop talking about the trade and morning the loss of the Retirement Party.
  • Sir Tulan Artan of House Cadriaan insisted on having the team stay overnight at the station and feeding them at the finest establishment on the station.  Mundo drank too much, and Garner was getting suspicious.
  • Half the party wanted to spend the night on their borrowed ship instead of the rooms on the station, and a Defel assassin attempted to kill Mundo and Sir Artan.  Thankfully T3 was still with them, and called for help.
  • After an epic battle with the Defel, the group defeated him, but Garner noted that the noble seemed to know more than he was letting on. Before he could follow up, however, the entire station was put on shutdown.
  • A pirate that Mundo had brought in a few years back was apparently the security chief of the station, and was offering a price for Mundo’s head. 
  • Krill sliced the security systems open from the habitat section of the station, through the mercantile section of the station, and into the security section of the station, while T3 managed to shut down a security droid that attempted to slow them down.
  • T3 reversed the polarity of the security system protecting the security chief’s office, and electrocuted the pirate captain’s first mate.
  • Team Besh had a truly epic fight with the pirate and his most trusted crew members, who also signed on as security personnel for the station.  Most of the group was banged up quite a bit.  Tiberius went down, and T3 took a vibroaxe to the head that was meant for Dia.
  • Tiberius repeatedly passed out after doing something impressive in combat.  The first time was after Doctor Smith had injected him with a stim to make him more capable in combat.  Tiberius was never awake to see Dia fighting, so he continues to think she is a delicate flower that needs to be protected.
  • Doctor Smith was thrilled to actually have combat injuries to treat, and people to stim in combat, but was nearly gutted by Dia when he came up behind her to inject her.
  • T3 nearly died from a particularly nasty critical, but Krill was naturally talented enough to save T3 from droid oblivion even without having a tool kit handy.
  • The station administrator thanked the crew, paid them a reward, and then gave them a file showing the letters of recommendation that the pirate crew received from a judge in the Expansion region after the criminals had been pardoned by Moff Alimund.
At this point, the group decided to take a breather, rest up, and get ready to head back home to Polis Massa, after finding the Defel’s ship and establishing a pattern of shocking the would be assassin every few minutes “just to make sure.”
It was interesting to see Team Besh, which had been “Team Diplomacy” up to this point, take on so much violence.  Tiberius is now convinced that he’s much more capable in combat than he is, and that he’s prone to black out when he goes into a berserker rage.  
Tiberius is sure that Dia is still a delicate flower that needs to be protected, and while the rest of the party saw her go toe to toe with a pirate captain armed with a vibro axe, no one knows that she is a licensed bounty hunter except her boss and her mysterious patrons.  Also, there is a general crew misunderstanding about the nature of Dia and Mundo’s relationship.

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