Team Besh Implosion! Now with 100% Fewer Black Holes (Edge of the Empire 10-18-13)

So, Team Besh was on a space station.  Things were going well.  Okay, that’s not true, but they all survived the vicious space pirate takeover of the base and all was right with the galaxy.  Well, maybe not.  Anyway . . .

  • Garner continues to shock the Defel assassin every few minutes.  The station administrator wants him turned over, until the group convinces Sir Artan to tell the station master that the assassin will be remanded to Tapani justice.
  • The group finds the Defel’s ship.  It has a bomb on it that has an attached droid brain.  It’s set to blow a cargo hold full of Detonite and is using the ship’s excellent sensors to read everyone around it, and threatens to blow up if anyone but the Defel comes near.
  • Sir Artan strangely shoves Mundo towards the ship and starts the countdown on the bomb, and then runs the other way.  Mundo offers to try and disarm the bomb while the others track Sir Artan, but the team has other plans.
  • Dia and Tiberius run down Sir Artan while Krill begins to disarm the bomb on the ship.  T3 is still out like a light, or a powered down droid, and Doctor Smith drags him to the borrowed YT-2400, randomly turning things on until he engages the shields in the hope of surviving the blast if the Defel’s shop goes up.
  • Krill disarms the bomb, and Tiberius, Dia, and Garner take down the noble, after Dia misses a flying tackle and confirming to Tiberius that she’s still a gentle flower.  The noble changes form when he is knocked out, and it is revealed that he is a Clawdite.
  • The group decides to head back to Polis Massa, and they slave the hyperdrive of the Defel’s ship to the YT-2400 and let Mundo pilot the assassin’s ship.
  • On the week long trip to Polis Massa, the group discusses what to do with their prisoners, and the ramifications of their recent discoveries.  They don’t know if Artan was always a Clawdite and they blew his cover, or if he was a replacement, and if House Cadriaan will be upset with them, and if Cid will be upset if House Cadriaan is upset.
  • T3 attempts to rewrite the bomb droid brain with his own personality.  Dia hears the conversation, and tries to stop him.  The droid brain is uploaded with T3’s personality, but doesn’t want T3 to be the only actual T3, and warns Dia about T3’s attempts at immortality and his desire to upgrade to more dangerous forms of mechanical life.
  • Dia is still friends with T3, but she is upset that he lied to her, and Tiberius takes the droid brain and dumps it out the airlock to avoid any potential problems with it, since he only heard part of the conversation and the droid brain sounded dangerous.
  • Tiberius decides a similar move might be appropriate for the Defel assassin, but Garner won’t let him kill the assassin in cold blood.  Tiberius fires at the Defel at point blank range with his blaster rifle and misses, Garner prepares to defend the prisoner, and Krill, thinking that the two were going to harm one another, dives for the cockpit and starts to shut down the air in the rest of the ship outside of the cockpit to knock everyone else out so they can “calm down.”
  • Doctor Smith is in one of the cabins with the Clawdite, curing him and trying to create a rapport so he can get some information out of him.  Unfortunately, while healing the Clawdite, the Clawdite shifted his hands free of the binders on his hands and he freed himself.
  • The Clawdite attacks the doctor, but Doctor Smith doesn’t call for help because he has other plans.  Both Doctor Smith and the Clawdite remain awake as the air thins in the ship.
  • T3 opens the cockpit, and the life support goes back on to full, and the rest of the party begins to discuss the ethics of killing prisoners and of the profession of assassin.  Dia uncomfortably defends the Defel’s profession and awkwardly tries to walk the line between not advocating his death and defending assassination, in theory.
  • Doctor Smith defeats the bound and wounded Clawdite, then smothers him to death with a pillow, which he is still doing when the rest of the party opens the door after hearing a blaster bolt in the room.
  • Dia and the others put Doctor Smith in the straight jacket they obtained for him on Malastare.
  • Back home on Polis Massa, the group expects trouble, but Doctor Smith has Imperial credentials no one knew about, and he is released and doesn’t incriminate his team.
  • There is a bounty on the Clawdite in another identity, and Tiberius laments that they won’t be able to collect the full bounty because they don’t have a hunter’s license, so Dia takes TK-655 aside and takes care of the paperwork out of earshot and view of everyone else.
  • The party doesn’t tell Cid about the dead Clawdite, and Cid gives them some credits for the Defel’s ship, pulls some strings to transfer the YT-2400 to the group, and gives the YT-1300 (the Free Enterprise) to Mundo to apologize for the Retirement Party being blown up.
The bulk of the session was comprised of the gigantic fight in the middle, which wasn’t long because it was cumbersome, but rather because there was a lot of roleplaying involved as well as the fact that it morphed multiple times, from the party versus T3, to Garner versus Tiberius versus the unconscious Defel, to Krill versus everyone else, to Doctor Smith versus the Clawdite, to the party versus Doctor Smith.
Doctor Smith’s reputation has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride with the rest of the group, with T3 starting to warm up to him and Dia being even more wary of him now that he’s got Imperial fans.  Also amusing to the GM was the growing circles of paranoia as the group discussed all of the possibilities involving the Clawdite and House Cadriaan.

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