Catching Up With Team Besh (Edge of the Empire, November 14th, 2013)

Team Besh has been getting the short end of the stick, with various holidays falling on their night.  Thankfully (?) I had to cancel a session on Team Aurek as well, when I wasn’t feeling well.

Cid’s job for Team Besh, after they caught their breath a bit from the last session, was to pick up a computer core, head to the “Gateway to Huttspace,” the Outland Transit Station, and use that computer core to download a copy of OB, the Czerka computer system that Team Aurek encountered, and Max later sold out to the Empire.

Phase One of Team Besh’s mission is to head to Raxus Prime, talk to Xevin Naxt, and find a salvaged computer core that could be reworked for use in this mission.

  • Upon arriving in orbit around Raxus Prime, Garner contacts a legitimate salvage dealer to make their visit look less suspicious.
  • The group stalls out in their negotiation with Xevin, but when there is conflict between Xevin and his new Jawa partners, they play up this disagreement, and they get access to salvaged computer cores at the expense of Xevin’s peaceful relations with his Jawa neighbors.
  • Garner makes an impression on Slim Verblixster, a licensed salvage dealer, and is a point of contact for used starship parts that can be obtained legally.
  • At the Outland Transit Station, Dia, Garner, and Krill conspire to slice slaver transit information and pass it on to Garner’s contacts, thus derailing slaving operations going into Hutt Space at least to a small degree.
  • The team runs into Hast Kodam, the notorious pirate that Garner tricked into hesitating back when they completed their mission on Malastare.  He doesn’t recognize them because of their new YT-2400.
  • T3 finds out that another version of him has survived and has downloaded itself into a Basilisk War Droid owned by Hast Kodam.
  • The team makes contact with OB, and manages to convince him to aid them in downloading his personality.  Krill begins to do so remotely, but it will take almost two days to completely transfer the operating computer.
  • The team runs into some gladiators that were friends of Tor’Waar, one of which has a bounty on his head.  They are upset with Dia for her role in Tor’Waar’s woes.  The group is threatening, but no fight breaks out.
  • Doctor Smith attempts to take out the hostile gladiators by volunteering his skills to give the Borhek gladitorial beasts a checkup.  He “boosts” them with his medical expertise, but they still fail to finish off the gladiators.
  • The Basilisk War Droid loses his match, much to T3’s delight, and Garner’s chagrin, since he bet on the droid.
  • Hast offers to buy the team dinner, and is especially interested in Dia.  While the group talking with the pirate, two figures, the Gungan bounty hunter Deadeye Bodad and the Herglic mercenary Monstro Ybom mention that they are working for the mysterious crime lord Fade and they are here to take Team Besh in, dead or alive.

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