Playing Catch Up With Team Aurek (Edge of the Empire, November 7th, 2013)

It’s a four day weekend, so I can relax by getting caught up on my game summaries from my campaign(s), while hoping that work is a little bit less stressful going into the holiday season!

Team Aurek lost a Wookiee, gained a pre-Rusaan assassin droid, and Cid has a new job for them, one that revolves around heading into the Unknown Regions to pick up a cache of pre-Republic war droids for which he has a buyer.

The coordinates are sketchy, and the Unknown Regions are tricky to navigate to begin with, so Phase One of the job is to pick up a particularly skilled navigator that Cid knows who happens to have retired on the planet Nyriaan.

In addition to the usual crew, Cid is a bit concerned about the team’s escapades, and may have a secondary reason for sending the team to Nyriaan, so his personal assistant, Donra Myr, is going along as well.  (Meta explanation:  we were short two people and Dia’s player is often in attendance this night as well)

  • Upon arriving at Nyriaan, Prawn is almost certain he can navigate through the storms that continually cover the planet’s surface.  Katya isn’t nearly as confident of Prawn’s abilities, and she manages to influence the Rodian’s mind, causing him to land on the Nyriaan skyhook in low orbit instead of flying directly down to the planet.
  • The party is a bit shaken by the huge lift platform that conveys them at high speed and partially without power down to the planet surface, since no one wished to pay a navigator or look for black market navigation gear.
  • Donra informs the group that she may need to keep an eye on House Mecetti interests before they round up their navigator.
  • The group has a very harrowing experience when they attempt to spy on House Mecetti, steal a datapad from a courier of the house, get caught red handed, and barely manage to talk their way out of the situation.
  • The group fails to decode the information on the datapad, and heads into the Nyriaan wilds, into the swamplands where the retired navigator lives.
  • A Ghest, a creature known on Rodia as a Swamp Demon, leaps out at the team’s speeder.  Prawn knows exactly what the creature is, and the speeder slams into a tree, but takes minimal damage.
  • The team manages to dispatch the Ghest, but most of the team members are unconscious or badly injured by the creature.
  • The team arrives at the navigator’s house in the swamp, and Katya has a strong compulsion to get him to leave with them.  He is resistant to her job offer, but proves relatively adept at medical treatment for the team.
  • The assassin droid is standing on the front porch, holding Donra’s gear.  He doesn’t notice anything, but Katya glances out the window and notices two black armored Stormtroopers and what appears to be an Imperial Inquisitor emerging from the swamp.

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