Team Aurek, Inquisitor Madness (Edge of the Empire, November 21st, 2013)

Team Aurek left on on a bit of a cliffhanger.  The team was battered and badly injured by the Ghest in the swamp, most of them were barely walking, and Katya had just seen an Inquisitor and his Shadowtroopers coming towards the house in the swamp.

Before all of this starts, Cid calls the team and mentions that he could call the mining guild friend that Team Aurek saved a few weeks back, and he might be able to sideline a transport for them to escape with  (for some Obligation).  The team is mostly against this course of action.

I think Prawn is on that one there!

Prawn also gets a call about the same time, this time from the Hutt to whom he owes so many credits.  Prawn was presumed dead for several months, but now that he has show up on the Holonet due to Drifter’s video uploads, Prawn needs to make a payment, and soon.  But at least he gets to talk to his old friend, Gand the accountant.

This is where the action starts.

  • The Inquisitor briefly stops to talk to the assassin droid.  He ignites his lightsaber, hits the droid twice, and carves him up badly.  The droid shuts down, but the Inquisitor hits an old piece of Cortosis plating that shuts down his lightsaber.
  • Katya uses the Force to slide the assassin droid into the house, then charges out the door to fight the Inquisitor, sacrificing herself to save everyone else.  The Inquisitor seems to recognize her.
  • Half of the team grabs the assassin droid and the navigator and heads out the back door to the navigator’s shed and his speeder.  One of the Shadowtroopers is heading around back.
  • Katya is shot by the Shadowtrooper that stays with the Inquisitor, and drops immediately.
  • Prawn sees the Shadowtrooper circling around the back of the house, runs wildly back through the house, and his grappling hook accidentally snares Katya and he drags her along with him to the damaged rented speeder that the team originally piloted.
  • Both speeders take off into the swamp before the Inquisitor or his troopers can do any further damage to the group.
  • Drifter decodes the datapad that Donra recovered last time, and finds a message from Darth Vader himself to House Mecetti, explaining that the Inquisitor is on Nyriaan investigating a shipwreck and a retired navigator that has a mysterious past.
  • On the Nyriaan Skyhook, Donra gets the ship cleared for takeoff with some flirting, but there are odd moments of dropping TK-655’s name.
  • The group heads off into space, but because the Skyhook is suppose to be in lockdown, the local Star Destroyer sends a flight of four TIEs to investigate.  The ship outruns the destroyer, and fights through the TIEs.  
  • The ship is badly damaged.  They jump to Tatooine and then to Nar Shaddaa to throw the Imperials off their trail.
  • On Nar Shaddaa, they purchase a new transponder for the ship, to make them harder to trace, and Katya leaves the team, telling them that she is too much of a liability to Cid now that the Inquisitor has seen her.
  • The ship limps back to Polis Massa, and Cid welcomes them in the “buisiness” landing bay.  He tells them that he is sorry that they lost Katya, but it’s time to move on to the next phase of their job, when the space station goes into lockdown, with blast doors separating Cid’s business from the rest of the station.
  • Cid indicates that he thinks this is an attack by the mysterious crime lord Fade.

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