Shamelessly Stealing From Other Systems–A Fate Core Idea for Edge of the Empire

While it hasn’t come up yet, I was contemplating what I would do to break the deadlock if all of the Destiny Points at the table went all Light or all Dark.  While the core rules mention that the GM can intervene if he thinks the players are intentionally “locking up” the Destiny points, I wanted a more fun, more even handed solution that would be in place right from the start.

Then it occurred to me that there is a really neat solution from Fate that could be implemented.  Compelling Destiny!
If the Destiny points are all Dark or all Light, the players or the GM may Compel their Destiny.  It works like this:

If the Destiny Pool is completely given over to the Dark Side, one of the players may propose something bad that will happen to their character as Destiny has it’s way with them.  While the GM has to agree to whatever might happen, it’s up to the player to come up with what bad thing might happen to their character.  It might mean upgrading the difficulty of a check, or having a particularly bad consequence befall the character that they can’t immediately mitigate.
Once this consequence is agreed upon, the player gets to flip one of the Destiny points from Dark to Light.
If all of the Destiny points are Light side, the GM may come up with a particularly bad thing that will befall one of the NPCs, or may even give the players a boon that they were not expecting and not working towards.  So long as none of the players object to the proposal by the GM, the GM flips one of the Light side points over to the Dark side.

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