The Wright Path

Edgar Wright is no longer on the Ant-Man movie.  According to Wright himself, it was an amicable split.  This doesn’t keep people from speculating that Marvel has to be an evil, soulless entity that was seeking to destroy a good movie because that’s what soulless entities do.

I loved Hot Fuzz, hated Scott Pilgrim, so I know Wright is talented but I don’t always agree with his choices in film making.  What I’m about to say has nothing to do with Edgar Wright’s talent.
Wright’s original vision, from what we’ve heard in interviews here and there, was to make a comedic, quirky film “in a corner of the Marvel cinematic universe,” implying that it wasn’t meant to cross over into much of the rest of the greater story.
I don’t know what Marvel may have wanted to change, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted it tied more closely to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  You can call it studio meddling if you want, but I’m going to posit something.  If Wright had gotten this movie made and out in what we now know as “Phase One,” he would have been one of the people shaping what the Marvel Cinematic Universe looked like instead of trying to find a corner of the franchise where his vision would still work.
All I’m saying is that its a little sad that Wright posts that there are no bad guys, and people immediately look for bad guys.  Wright had other projects he wanted to get done before Ant-Man, that pushed production back, and the climate changed.  That doesn’t sound like an evil conspiracy or even the quashing of creativity to me.  I could be wrong.

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  • I think you are correct on many points, i.e., \”bad guys\”. I, unlike many people, have patience and will wait and see what additional info comes out before I go all \”Hulk smash\” on this news. Great post!


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