This is What Happens When I Post a Journal/Write a Backstory

For all .75 of you in the audience eagerly awaiting more of Orts Freestar’s journal–well, it’s pretty much over.  Thankfully, this time it’s not over just because I did some incredibly stupid thing the first time I played him, as with my late, lamented medic in the Only War game.

This time, I’m retiring Orts for the same reason that Gand the Gand accountant got retired.  I’m moving from a player chair to the GM chair to take over the Age of Rebellion game.

Even before I was playing in the game, I had an idea for an AoR game that centered around helping a native insurgency overthrow the Empire, and when casting around a bit for a likely planet, I remembered the Yevetha and the planet of N’zoth, and the secret Black 15 Shipyards.

The Yevetha as allies struck me as a fun concept, because the PCs will have to watch their step not only with the Imperials, but with their own “friends” as well.  I’ve also had some ideas on how to track the long term success of the insurgency and how the group manages their allies and coordinates their actions, and I’m hoping they work out well.

I’m also storing a good portion of the information for this campaign on Realm Works, since I already began playing with it.  I’ve already surprised myself a few times with the program automatically connecting entries that I forgot that I had made.  I just can’t wait for the campaign material to be visible online to my players.

I know it’s a bit self-serving, but you know, if you want to say “may the Force be with you,” I’d appreciate the well wishing.


  • Ok, I'll bite…May the Force be With you! BTW, how much does this Realmworks that you have been speaking so highly of actually cost?


  • It's $49.99, and although it works offline, if you want to take advantage of sharing the information, you get 6 months of free cloud service, which starts from the time they have have the player version of the software and the online viewing options up and ready to go.


  • What does the cloud service cost after the six months?


  • Interesting… I like this idea. I want to see what happens with it. As always, I'll be lurking. Watching from the shadows where and when I can (so keep posting!).


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