How Do You Know When the Party Is Over? When The TIE Bombers Show Up.

The second session of our Age of Rebellion campaign revolved around the Rebel agents actually making contact with the Yevetha insurgents and starting to coordinate with them.  We also needed to introduce a new character to the team.

Because we were doing a lot of roleplaying, and because we were essentially setting up something that was going to be a least a little bit of a foregone conclusion, I designed most of the encounters to use one roll combat resolution so that we could get to exactly what the players were doing to convince the Yevetha to join their cause.  The other reason for this non-standard set up was that I was quickly cutting back and forth between the PCs at the party headquarters and the PCs in the desert, and the one roll resolution checks made it easier to slip back and forth between groups so nobody was out of the story for too long.

Our Mon Cal tactician wasn’t able to join in the first session, so he arrived and met the party’s droid  (with a holographic sheath making it appear to be the Corellian’s sister) and the Gran, who was knocked out by our medic sniper last session.

A mysterious Yevetha outcast showed up to speak to the Gran and the Mon Cal to tell them not to free the Sly One, and that their friends would need them, and she sent them in the direction of the insurgent headquarters in the desert.

In the meantime, the party out in the desert got lost looking for the headquarters and wandered into an ambush, which they put down pretty definitely  (and with lethal force, which the Yevetha actually respected more than if they had taken prisoners).

Long story short, both groups ended up at the insurgent headquarters, with some of the PCs captured and being forced to fight for their lives in a Yevetha area against more outcasts, whose lives were worth nothing to the Yevetha who were not outcasts.  The rest of the PCs crept into hideout, and the Duro mechanic kept the repulsor truck running even as she was scavenging parts from the Yevetha equipment.

There was a gladitorial fight, and blustering, and shooting, and the Yevetha leader was ready to give the group the tests he expected them to pass if he were to join them, and brought out a plate of blood worms for the whole group to share as they began to seal their alliance.  And then Doc, the sniper-medic, decided to test the mysterious spice he had stolen from the smuggler’s ship the previous session.

Doc had never identified what the spice was.  I knew it was Glitteryl, which is a hybrid spice that more or less erases someone’s personality.  So the rest of the Yevetha accused Doc of witchcraft, and things suddenly got bad, making it a very good thing that the Duro was waiting for the party with the truck running.

Doc decided to try and hold off the Yevetha to allow the rest of the party to escape.  After some protest, the rest of the team retreated, and Doc charged further into the caves to keep the Yevetha busy.  Then things got even more complicated.

A Sentinel class shuttle full of Imperial troops was heading to the caves, escorted by a TIE Bomber.  The Chiss slicer tried to make sure that the TIE Bomber didn’t give chase on the repulsor truck, but his check made the bomber circle around and attack the caves before the troops could sweep the caves.  Apparently the Force was with Doc, because I rolled the lowest possible crit when the bombers hit the cavern complex.

Unfortunately, the rest of the team ended up getting detained when they returned to Hariz Spaceport, and they were going to be interrogated.  They came up with a story about Yevetha insurgents accosting them within the city walls, something that hadn’t happened in months.

While the PCs were in the detention center getting their stories straight, their Hapani smuggler contact that flew them into Hariz Spaceport happened to have business at the Imperial garrison that day, and he offered to pull a few strings to get the party free, in exchange for helping him with a few business matters in the future.

Thus the party managed to pick up Obligation just like an Edge of the Empire group would have. I felt it was appropriate, and it got them out of any more uncomfortable questions from the Imperials.  After seeing the previous insurgent cell vaporized by proton bombs, Kimari, the Mon Cal tactician, is convinced the answer is to build an insurgency from the Yevetha outcasts instead.

Of course the rest of the party has no idea what the fate of Doc is at this point.

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