What Do I Know About My Charater–Jurg Cragscale (Iron Kingdoms)

What follows is the backstory for my Iron Kingdoms character which I have, thus far, played for about one scene.  I’m hoping that my previous track record of either dying, causing a TPK, or no longer being a player in the game after I post my backstory will be broken, cause I kind of like this guy.

Jurg Cragscale, son of Hurst Cragscale, grandson of Dulv Cragscale, of the Clan Cragscale

Clan Cragscale has fallen from their former status over the years.  To reverse this trend, Clan Cragscale has, in recent decades, signed on with the Searforge Commission as external mercenaries in order to increase the coffers of the family, and potentially allow for Clan Cragscale to gird themselves for upwards mobility against former rivals.

In exchange for utilizing the Cragscales as caravan guards and for their services in brokering their talents outside of Rhul, the Cragscales have agreed to provide a percentage of their profits to the Searforge Commission’s operational expenses.

Jurg was just one more of the Cragscales operating as mercenaries out of Ord, but in his time working with the Searforge Commission, Jurg showed a talent for negotiation as a passion for learning local laws, and was often specifically utilized as a bodyguard to various traders, as much for his negotiating skills as for his martial prowess.

While Jurg was away from his clan members during a particularly nasty mission against an incursion from Cryx pirates, Jurg’s family members fell in battle, wiped out to a dwarf.  Jurg was devastated, as he was not with his family members and was busy with a relatively safe job assisting in contract negotiations.

Jurg felt too guilty to join another Cragscale mercenary band, and felt guilty for the number of relatively safe jobs he had taken recently, so he negotiated with his clan leaders and with the Searforge Commission to allow him to work as a bounty hunter, still splitting his profits to help pay off the family’s contract.  Jurg went out of his way to take dangerous bounties, and while competent, Jurg’s tendency to take dangerous jobs rather than profitable ones led him to spend a lot of time recovering from injuries and not turning the kind of profit he once produced.

Eventually clan members contacted Jurg about his sharp drop in profitability.  Jurg still did not wish to rejoin any Clan Cragscale companies, but it was about this time that Jurg ran into a warcaster from Clan Grundback looking to make a name for himself and form a small irregular mercenary band. Clan Grundback had, in the past, hired Cragscales to supplement their forces, Jurg happily joined this band and became the Treasurer for the company.

Jurg is an avid reader, but he reads law books, merchant company histories, and political philosophy the same way others might read sensational biographies, epics, and fictional stories, for entertainment.

Jurg still has a difficult time holding conversations with close relatives of the clan members that died while he was away from them, most of them being his cousins and uncles.

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